4 Primary Things


As our Forerunner, Christ has entered into the Holiest and consecrated a New and Living Way for us to pursue.

Because of His faithfulness and obedience in offering up an acceptable sacrifice once and for all, Jesus has been positioned as High Priest over the House of God.

As High Priest, He continues His work both God-ward and Man-ward.  He lives now to intercede for us with the full intention of saving us completely and to the uttermost.

His work as Priest over the House of God is to bring us into through the New and Living Way He has consecrated and enable us to live now according to that Way.  This is accomplished by bringing God and the believer into harmony and fellowship.

As the Minister of the heavenly sanctuary, He does all that is required by God in that realm.  As Mediator of the New Covenant, He works to accomplish in our hearts what is necessary to prepare us to draw near.  This “work of preparation” is accomplished by the Holy Spirit.

When our High Priest once and for all entered the Holiest, He sat down on His positional throne from which He would effect His work, both God-ward and Man-ward.  It was the Holy Spirit sent from this position in power and authority into the hearts of believers.

It is by this means that our High Priest effects His work in our hearts.  He dwells in us and is Minister of the Sanctuary of our being.  The fullness of the Spirit in daily life is the channel through which His Priestly service is performed in us.  He seeks to prepare us to walk in the New Way.  Wherefore, brethren, having a great Priest over the house of God, LET US DRAW NEAR!

But, His work in us through the Holy Spirit is to equip and develop us with 4 Primary Things required to walk in the New Way.

Let us draw near with:

1.  A true heart

2.  The fullness of faith

3. A clear conscience

4. A pure body

In understanding the work of our Great High Priest, we will come to see how He perfectly prepares us to boldly approach the Throne of God and gain maximum benefit of the New Way.


What are your thoughts?

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