The Operating Platform of Sonship! Intro


Some one recently blessed me with an iPad. Seriously! A precious brother gifted me a brand new iPad for no other reason than that he loved me. It was a very humbling experience to receive such an incredibly thoughtful and sacrificial token. While I was extremely grateful, I was also hesitant to receive the gift because I have always been a PC kinda guy.

I had always heard about how wonderful MACs were. How you could do so much more “cool” stuff on the Apple brand of products. However, I was quite happy with my function and knowledge of the PC world and had always resisted entering the wonderful world of Apple. After all, I had used PCs for years and I was getting by just fine!

But then, I made the mistake of actually using the iPad. What was I going to do? Not use it?

Suffice it to say, as I began to use the iPad, I was introduced to an incredible new world with astonishing functionality and capability!! It blew my mind. It took a little bit to get accustomed to the different operating platform. The Apple/MAC operating platform is quite a bit different than a PC’s operating platform. The iPad accomplishes new and exciting things that enhances your computing experience and it accomplishes these things in a totally different way! It took me a little bit of “hands on” experience to begin to understand the functionality of the iPad operating platform but, now that I have come to understand it, let’s just say that I have taken a big old bite out of the Apple!

This post is not solely a testimonial for the iPad. 🙂 There is an obvious analogy going on here.

Most believers are still operating on the Old Covenant operating system of the orphan/servant mentality, while Father shifted to the New Covenant operating platform of Sonship which is based upon the new programming of the finished work of His only begotten Son. The “glitches” that most believers experience in their faith walk are due to trying to function according to the old operating system of a religious mentality rather than truly receiving the free gift of the new relational operating system the Father wishes to install.

I know you probably think, “Hey, wait a minute! I am a New Testament believer!”

I concur. You are more than likely a believer based upon the truth of the New Covenant. However, that does not mean that the New Covenant “operating platform” of Sonship has been installed in your understanding and serves as the basis upon which you experience/know God and live your life. We are encouraged to “repent” (change the way we think) and be “transformed” by the total renovation of our mentalities so that we can begin to experience what the good, acceptable and perfect will of God is for our lives.

I promise you this, as we go through this discussion about Sonship, you will be alot like me as I investigated the new iPad and its functionality! You will be able to see so much more “cool” stuff and you will realize that so much more can/will be accomplished in your life and in ways you could have never imagined!

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