Understanding the Forerunner Ministry – A Common Misperception

Our ministry website is The Forerunner Ministry.  It was originally started so that local brothers and sisters with whom we relate with here in North Texas could listen to the apostolic teaching if they were not able to make it in person to the teaching sessions.

Due to the nature of the internet, we now have visitors who frequent our site from just about every country on the planet. It is an amazing thing to run an activity report and see which countries are being represented, what they are listening to and gaining their responses to what they hear.  Out of that activity, we even have had some key relationships develop in the Kingdom.  I have to admit, it is exciting!

One of the main reasons people “find us” on the internet is that they “google” or search something to do with “forerunner ministry.”  It is actually the top search that leads to our site according to the site’s statistics.

The funny thing about it is that we haven’t really posted any teachings, whether audio or written, on the subject.  Obviously, we have done teaching on The Forerunner Ministry over the years but we have never added any of it to the website.  I have to confess……..I am glad we haven’t up to this point. Let me tell you the reason why I am glad.

Having seen the activity reports from the website and finding out that the #1 search was people seeking to identify and understand what “forerunner ministry” was/is, I did a search of it on the internet myself.  I discovered that what was available on the subject was pretty much in line with what I had expected.  There were prominent ministries and not-so-well known ministries that labeled themselves as Forerunners. I won’t take the time here to go into details.  You can do the search, if you like.  But, the long and short of it was, all the Forerunner Ministry information had to do with John the Baptist and his role as the forerunner to the appearance of Jesus.

First, let me say, that all of that stuff about John the Baptist being the forerunner of Jesus is totally accurate.  We taught our way all through that particular scenario years ago when we first received a prophetic word about being positioned as a “forerunner.”  We drew out principles of vacating religious systems, transitioning through a wilderness experience, the message of John the Baptist and preparing the way of the Lord!  All of the teachings were done according to the current revelation at the time and done in the vein of trying to understand what a forerunner people should be and do.  I listen back to some of those teachings now and I smile! Those were good times! 🙂

However, there was a common misperception on our part. It was not apparent to us at the time.  Perhaps, it was by design.  It is apparent now after we have advanced further into understanding the depth and richness of what The Forerunner Ministry truly means.

The misperception, which currently exists in the majority of those who speak of and tout themselves as “forerunners”,  is that New Testament believers are to model themselves after John the Baptist.  Even though on its face it appears to be a transitional mentality, this understanding of forerunner ministry is not conducive to the ministry of the New Covenant.  This common misperception actually causes believers to operate under an old testament mentality.

In the next few posts on this topic, I will share some of the things that have led me to this conclusion.  And, hopefully, we may revisit the subject and provide some audio teaching on Understanding the Forerunner Ministry.

Keep your peace!





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