Apostolic Football & Passing the Remote!!

footballSpending this past weekend in Ohio with dear brothers and sisters, the topic of spiritual fathers and sons came up.  It reminded me of an incident a couple of years ago where Father began to reveal things to me along this line.  This post was originally posted on another blog back in July 2010.  I hope you enjoy reading it and pray that it speaks to you by the Spirit!


Last September, I received a request from a pastor of a denominational church to come and minister on apostolic/prophetic things.

As I always do, I submitted the request to the elders of our local communities and to the other members of our ministry team for prayer and direction. Once we got the word to go, Kevin, one of the prophets on our ministry team was added to the trip and we took off for the foothills of Tennessee.

I wasn’t quite sure how the weekend would go because an institutional church in transition can get real messy; real quick! In our experience, there has always been a certain amount of chaos and awkwardness when individuals begin to transition from the “whatever you want to call it” system and structure into a more biblical, Kingdom mode of operation. For a wide variety of reasons, you can pretty much compound that disarray when an entire congregation is seeking to changeover.

So, as we sat in the pastor’s house on Saturday night, against the clamor of a college football game emanating from the television, I was sitting on a couch over to the side contemplating how this seasoned, older, denominational pastor would receive some of the things I knew we were there to share.

Kevin seemed to be comfortable. Hailing from Ohio, he asked if it were possible to watch the Buckeyes play the USC Trojans on the other channel. So, now we had two games going and the constant click during commercials over from one game to the other. Here I was, already having difficulty musing on what “really mattered” (you know, ‘church stuff’) and wanting to converse with this pastor a bit more than we already had done (you know, ‘about the kingdom’) and now the prophetic brother with me is embroiled in college football.

We sit there for several minutes, bumping back and forth from channel to channel, game to game. Then, the son-in- law comes walking into the house with the grandchildren. And much to my chagrin, he is a Kansas Jayhawk fan for some reason. So, he asks if we would mind checking in on the Jayhawk game from time to time to see how they were doing.

Don’t get me wrong. I grew up as an athlete. I played college sports. I love college football. I come from a football family. I’m from Texas, for goodness sake. But, three games now? Really? And when would I get a sense of how we would be received in imparting the things we were there to share with this pastor and the people?

So, now, with Kevin and I sitting there, grandchildren strewn all over the floor at our feet and Pastor Grandfather is sitting in his Lay-Z-Boy brandishing the remote control flipping from game to game as commercial breaks interrupt play.

“Blip” – check to see who has the ball! What down is it and how many yards to go? Where are they on the field? What’s the score? How much time left in the quarter?

And by the time you gather all that data…………….”Blip”.

Repeat process!For quite some time, we sat there.
“Blip.”………….”Blip.”………………”Blip.”I was frustrated. I wanted to talk Kingdom. I wanted to know where this brother’s heart was and what he was seeking. I got sucked into the vortex of the college football tornado.

Ultimately, I surveyed my surroundings and I realized that I was actually experiencing an amazing event. This “pastor” was a father. He had created a home, an environment where not only his children and grand-children could feel welcome and be at ease, but guests were integrated naturally into the scene.

I listened as the kids cheered for their dad’s team when positive things happened. I watched as food and beverages were passed around. I even smiled when all in good fun, cheap shots were taken against one another’s teams.

I finally decided to relinquish my expectations and just enjoy the life of family in the room. Even with the
consistent “Blip”………….”Blip”…………..”Blip”.

When I finally relaxed, that’s when the Spirit began to speak to me. I was aware of His presence and I knew He
wanted to show me something.

The oldest grandchild named Tyler, around 10 years old, was sitting at his grand-father’s feet in front of the Lay-Z-Boy. He turned around and asked, “Grandpa, can I see that remote for a second?”

Pastor Grandpa did not hesitate with his reply, “Sure, Tyler. Here you go.”

As he handed the remote control over to the grandson, the Spirit prompted me to pay attention. Tyler flipped it around in his hand. He pushed about 4 buttons on the remote and the screen went totally black for a split second.

Instantly, all three games we had been “Blipping” immediately appeared on the screen at once in a split screen view.

I began to cry as the Spirit revealed the heart of Grandpa Pastor.

He had worked his entire life and now in his early 60s, he had created an environment where generations of sons were welcomed to come and be at home.

He was willing to turn the power and control over to the generation who, although young, understood how to gain the maximum benefit of the technology at hand. Because he was willing to do so, we no longer had to go “Blip”………”Blip”…………”Blip”….like he had done all of his life and sacrifice the interests of two parties while the third was the only one who had his interests served.

Because of his true father’s heart, he was disposed to release authority and permit the younger generation to bless all parties in his household. I just sat there, repenting and crying while the football games kept playing.

At that moment, I knew the direction to share that weekend. God would have me speak on knowing Him as Father and building generationally. They were prepared to understand.
We had an incredible weekend with the people and continue to assist them in their transition.
Oh, by the way, USC 18- Ohio St. 15. Kevin didn’t see it coming! 😉

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