A Significant Transition!

Spending time with Uncle Arthur in Georgia!

In my life, I have been extremely blessed to experience certain things that are incredibly poignant and life-changing. In pursuit of Him, Father has permitted me (and my lovely wife of 16 years) to either participate or observe certain moments that,  while in them, you do not fully grasp their true significance.  I am sure that most everyone has had those types of moments.

While in Georgia this past weekend, I experienced a happening of monumental proportions in the Spirit.  During the time there with brothers/sisters, I was aware of the magnitude in what was occurring although I could not pinpoint the significance.  Now, having  been removed for a day or two, I understand some of it, although I am certain that there will be more impact felt, understood and experienced moving forward.

There was a very special man who met with us in Georgia.  His name is Arthur Burt from Wales.  Arthur is now 100 years old and was a contemporary and ministered alongside the likes of Smith Wigglesworth.  Needless to say, you can imagine the things in the Lord he has experienced and understands.

Our first personal exposure with Uncle Arthur (as he is affectionately called) was last summer at a gathering in Georgia.  The time spent there was precious, as well.  However, there was a marked difference as we spent time with him these past few days.

Uncle Arthur has suffered four separate strokes.  After the second stroke a couple of years ago, he was not able to speak at all.  Gradually, his speech was restored and he has been able to speak for brief periods of time.  I have to admit, he is in incredibly amazing shape for a man who is one century old and been through the things he has been through.

During this trip, Arthur was accompanied by a few of his family members.  Arthur’s wife is no longer living but he has nine children.  One of his sons, Steve and his wife, Dawn were with him.  Rachel, one of Arthur’s daughters was also by his side.  Finally, Willie, Arthur’s son-in-law who is married to another daughter also was traveling with the group.

As we gathered with Uncle Arthur and his family, Steve and Willie would flank him on either side.  Arthur would just begin to speak.  His voice resounds in an unimaginable fashion for a man his age.  He speaks and it is significant!  There is a depth to what he says.  You are aware that what he is sharing is born out of a genuine faith and walk with God.  What he says matters.

Physically, he is not able to speak very long.  So, he would briefly speak and then Steve and/or Willie would pick up where he left off.  They would take Arthur’s lead and then begin to fill in the blanks, add scripture and round out the framework thoughts that Arthur would initiate.  Then, they would step back and permit those assembled to speak; both asking questions or add complimentary thoughts.

You see, over the years, Father has led Arthur to the revelation of “body ministry” replacing the “one man show” aspect of ministry.  If I personally ever knew a man who had the right to speak in a gathering………….it would be Arthur.  As the last living member of a significant spiritual era that brought tremendous transition in the earth, Arthur represents an order of things that is now ceasing to exist in the purposes of God.  If you research that era with the rise of incredibly gifted men, you will clearly see the transition, at that time, that God was bringing into the earth.  He was restoring certain aspects and functions of His Kingdom back into the Body of Christ.  Without a doubt, the last 100 years has been a significant period of time in Father’s purposes. (We won’t take time to review all of that at this point!)

But, now, the shift from the “one man show” to the “all saints movement” is upon us.  It is what Father is doing!  All members of Christ’s Body are to be equipped in order to do the work of ministry; not just a select few who are professional ministers.  It is the manner in which the Fullness of Christ will ultimately be seen and experienced.

Uncle Arthur and his crew served as an accurate picture of this transition.  There was a flow amongst them in the things of God that quite organically brought encouragement to the Body assembled  and activated the Body to participate and respond to the move of the Spirit.  As it should be, Arthur provided the oversight and the general direction but then, he would step aside, and those who were his sons would bring greater light to that which had been spoken.  In turn, they would then step back and permit the Body to step forward to amplify the expression of Christ.  It was relevant.  It was accurate. It was potent.  It was life-changing!

My purpose in writing this post is to encourage you to look for this type of function, especially in those who purport to be “in ministry” or in what you call “church”.  If there isn’t a humility, a weakness, a need for others to step in so that Christ can be seen in fullness, realize that whatever is being presented is according to an old order of doing things.  There is a flow of His Life and Grace that is being extended to His People in the earth now!  But, it comes and is sustained by full Body function and not through the order that we have always known.

 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints!  Keep your peace!


7 thoughts on “A Significant Transition!

  1. Bryon – Totally agree with all you have so elegantly stated, and would add this observation. It is no longer what Arthur brings in these Gatherings, but rather what he leaves behind. When the excitement has ended, and the joy of being with the Body has quieted, a resonance of deep magnitude emerges.

    The true measure of any ministry is its ‘life changing’ impact, and this past weekend impacted me like nothing I have experienced in recent years. I felt change coming over me as the anointed spoken words flowed. For instance, amoung other things, I now know “the curse is cursed.” Nothing from its origin will ever consciously be given place in my life again.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, Clay. It is hard to explain the depth of significant impact the time with Arthur continues to bring. I can count on one hand the number of moments in my life experience where the impact was equivalent. So thankful to have been there. Even more thankful to where we are headed.

  3. Amazing. Incredible. Wondrous. Wow!!

    What a blessing our Father has given you, in knowing this son of God who has a veritable lifetime of knowledge to pass on.

    If I said I was jealous, would you take that the wrong way? 🙂

  4. No way, bro.! It is a deep, rich heritage and one which we see others incorporated into and share, literally on a daily basis!

    Father is better/greater than we low! Keep your peace!

    • Ours has always been a relational and generational faith, hasn’t it?

      The Father/Son dynamic, replicated through years and years, coming to us as spiritual orphans, and giving us not only an identity, but a rich inheritance and heritage.

      My goodness….even now my spirit burns within me!

      • Once we learn that the Kingdom is advanced through generational transfer, we experience the Kingdom as never before. There is a reason God declares Himself to be the God of Abraham (Father), Isaac (Son) and Jacob (Spirit). Out of the 3rd generation the 12 (number of Divine Government) sons we’re birthed and the Kingdom established.

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