Hebrews 12 – Are you a “Nothos” or are you becoming a “Huios”!

The average believer relates with God based more upon deceitful accusations against God placed in their minds by the Adversary, rather than in the Truth found in scripture!

What is your God paradigm?

Does God want to punish you for your sins?

Is He simply observing your life, watching you as you struggle and is just waiting to pop you upside your head as soon as you sin or make a mistake?  Is that your perception of God?

There is a process of training that Father is involved in regarding the lives of His children.  His desire is to train, develop and equip His children to become mature sons who are able to transact His business here in the earth!

Click the link below and listen to this teaching from Hebrews 12!  It might just bring a different perspective about how God truly exists, what He has done for you and what He is after in your life!



2 thoughts on “Hebrews 12 – Are you a “Nothos” or are you becoming a “Huios”!

  1. The God you believe in is the God you get. This is not to say we shape God. Rather, it is to say that our misperceptions of Father God, whether of our own invention or the enemy’s, keep us out of position to be shaped in the image of Christ and into the blessing of that transformation. After all, Father is interested in bringing many sons to glory.

  2. Yes, sir…..Robert. How we perceive Him determines how we approach, deal with and ultimately receive from Him! May we truly come to understand that to KNOW Him is eternal life!

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