Seek the Kingdom!

Matthew 6The message of Jesus was extremely simple and clear: “Repent! The Kingdom is here!”

Repentance is changing the way we think thereby producing corresponding actions.  The Kingdom is quite simply the rule of God expressed.

Both Jesus’ words and deeds were demonstrative of the Rule of God.  He embodied submission to the rule of his Father and it organically flowed through all he said and did while he was here in the earth.  His intention was to not only speak of God’s rule but to also display it so that God’s people would migrate away from religious form and seamlessly enter into true Life under the Rule of God.

Jesus thought differently than religious folk.  He did not say what religious people said.  Jesus did not do what religious people do.  Due to having the thoughts of the Father, he was able to walk in His ways.  In the introduction of this teaching series, Matthew 6 – Seek First the Kingdom, we set the stage of context that Jesus utilizes as he teaches his disciples about the Kingdom.  Click to listen to the introduction.


What are your thoughts?

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