The Operating Platform of Sonship! – Finale

This will be the last post on The Operating Platform of Sonship series.  At least for a while.  I’m certain there will be more to add to the topic at a later date.

If you haven’t read the previous posts in this series, I would suggest you go back and do so.  You can look in the archives under “Sonship” or you can simply click Introduction.

The importance of this particular topic of Sonship cannot be overstated.  Contained within it is the revelation of God as He desires to be revealed and known.

“My, what a statement to make!” (you may be muttering to yourself)  I know this more than likely disturbs your religious sensibilities.  I know it did mine. Especially, when I realized that God is NOT INTERESTED WHATSOEVER in ANYTHING I could/can do for Him!  He is supremely interested in what He has done in and through the finished work of His Son!

It really is as easy as the most famous scripture in the universe…….”For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son….” (John 3:16)  John the Beloved put it this way,

See what an incredible quality of love the Father has shown and bestowed on us, that we should be permitted to be named and called and counted the children of God.  And, so we are!                                                (AMP)

You see, the ability of God is in our coming to understand the quality of His Love; not in our capability to perform for Him, so that He might, maybe, later-on-down-the-road, perhaps one day when we are good enough after we have tried really, really, really hard, ……………..come to love us.  The Nature of God is His Love.  To know Him (which is the definition of eternal life; John 17:3) is to fully come to comprehend the breadth, length, depth and height of His Love.

If we receive what Father has done/finished in Christ, we have been given the authority to exist as the children of God.(John 1:12)  We are His children because He, and He alone,  has desired it and made it possible.  His Love (Nature) compelled Him to do so.

But, in I John 3, John continues,

Beloved, we are even here and now God’s children. It is not yet made clear what we shall be hereafter but we know that when He comes and is manifested, we shall resemble and be like Him  for we shall see Him as He really is.                     (AMP)

In the natural, we all start out as infants.  We eventually grow into being adults.  (hopefully)  So, it should be in the Spirit.

As I stated in a previous post,

We are “born again” as (teknon) children of God but, as we continually submit to dying to our old nature and its life and trust Father the power of His resurrection Life to transform us, eventually, we become “led by the Spirit” proving that we have become “the (huious) sons of God.” (Rom. 8)

Most believers never grow and mature from being a child of God into being a mature son of God.  Their religion, theology and experience combined with the distractions of this age, hinders them from entering into the maturation process.  Remaining in an immature state as a child brings many to a point of frustration and eventually even questioning the validity of their faith.  But, perhaps what is even worse with believers remaining as little children and never becoming mature sons, is that it frustrates the purposes of the Father.

Sonship is the basis of all God’s activity in and through the New Covenant!  If you do not understand and function in the revelation of sonship, you continue, even as a born-again child of God, to operate in an Old Covenant mentality and mode.  This is why the “church” is so powerless and incapable of fulfilling God’s will in the earth today, while, Jesus proclaimed, “My meat is to do the will of Him who sent me and finish the work He sent me to do.”

ALL that Jesus did…………..he did as a Son.  The New Covenant was cut with a mature Son and the power of that Covenant is in Sonship.  The work of God in the earth relies upon our spiritual relationship with Him as mature sons. The worth of our function is in proportion to our union with the Father through the Son empowered by the Spirit of Sonship.

Only those who have yielded and endured to the chastening process of mature sons can take responsibilities for the Father here in this earth.  It does not matter how we identify ourselves and  how great our activity for God may be.  God is not concerned with our “doing” for Him.  He is focused on our “being in Him” and getting things accomplished His Way and according to His Nature.

As T. Austin-Sparks has suggested:

It is no use coming to Him and saying: “Now Lord, You know that I am engaged in this work, and therefore I want You to help me in this.” That is no reason why He should help us. God stands by His children and only works with them on the basis of an inward relationship. Some person who is not in an ‘official’ position may be far more useful to the Lord than many who have an official ministry and position. What matters is not our spiritual knowledge or official ministry, but our secret relationship with God. God fits us spiritually for His service and upholds our sonship, not our office. He will see to our position if we see to our relationship with Him.

Realizing that the New Covenant is all about what He has done/will do should produce a humility in us.  Humility is the basic rule of Father’s House. The Son, though he was equal with God, did not think that particular right should be retained so that Father’s purposes could be fulfilled.  Rather, he humbled himself, emptied himself, was fashioned as a man and humbled himself further, even to death on the cross.

In humility is where true Sonship is birthed.  Willingly submitting our free will to the will of the Father, even if  it should mean our natural death, is the intrinsic  order for someone who realizes that Father is Creator and we, as sons, are the product of His Life.  He is the Source from which we came.  He is the Father of our spirits.  In the humility of true sonship, we are accurately positioned to partake of His Divine Nature as we never have before.  Totally abandoning ourselves to the quality of His Love, trusting Him for Life even in apparent death and resting in His ability to achieve His purposes are the traits of sonship.  It is what He longs for and it is where His dominion is revealed!

“Behold!” the quality of our Father’s Love.  He has graciously bestowed it upon us.  Its depths are unfathomable.  God has done this and it is marvelous in our eyes!

Keep your peace!


6 thoughts on “The Operating Platform of Sonship! – Finale

  1. I believe it is R. B. Jones that said, “A child is born of God; a son is taught of God. A child has God’s nature; a son has God’s character.” May we “press on to maturity,” as the writer of Hebrews put it.

  2. Well, you know what they say: even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.Seriously, though, it is just a nugget God showed me a while back. He does this more and more as I seek Him to transition me from working to be a Christian into sonship. I am finding peace and rest in the transition.

    • That’s it, isn’t it, my brother! What a marvelous thing he has done in/through Christ. And we simply get to receive it by faith!

      You are a good brother! Look forward to meeting you one day! Peace!

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