The Misunderstood Father

What is commonly known as The Parable of the Prodigal Son is inappropriately named!    “A certain man had two sons…..” not just the one who squandered his inheritance and wound up in the pigpen.  The central figure in the parable is the father.

But, we have always looked at the parable from the perspective of the son because we like the apparent story of redemption and, quite frankly, we think that the Heavenly Father’s sole reason for existence is to save us and bless us.

The true moral of the story is that neither son, the elder who stayed at home always serving his father or the younger who strayed, properly understood or knew their father.  As believers, we operate the same way towards God when it comes to understanding Him as our Father.

The majority of Christians actually deal with God based upon accusations in their mind regarding Him that have been placed there by Satan.  (A hush comes over the crowd!)  It may sound a bit crazy but, sad to say, it is true!

In this teaching, The Misunderstood Father, one major accusation we hold against Father is exposed and destroyed.  I am not going to tell you what it is because I really think you should take the 44 minutes and listen to the teaching.  I know the revelation contained within it absolutely revolutionized my life, spiritual walk and relationship with my Father.  It has had the same affect on the others who have heard it.

This message was delivered just a couple of weeks ago at Crown Fellowship in Richardson, Texas.  I would like to thank the precious brothers and sisters there who were vital in permitting such a wonderful environment so that the Word could come forth and for also receiving me graciously.

If you do listen, I would really appreciate any feedback/comments.  Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding this train of thought.  And, I am a BIG believer in hearing what the Spirit says through God’s people.  Click the image above or here to listen!

Keep your peace!



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