In Search of a Message – a Man – a Meeting!

On a frequent basis, I deal with people who are aware that there is more to God than what they are currently experiencing.  They express intense frustrations with what they  know in “church”  and wonder what can be done about it.

So, when I begin to explain the unscriptural basis for what is commonly called “church”, they begin to recoil.  Forget the fact that their frustration and spiritual hunger initiated the conversation, once they pick up on the idea that the church system is not even scriptural by definition and practice,  most of the time, those who were just a few minutes frustrated,  then become violated.

Having dealt with this scenario many, many, many times over the years, with “pastors” and not only members, I understand their religious sensibilities being offended.  After all, it is ALL they have ever known.  This is one of the main reasons I prefer to  deal with pagans and atheists!  There is much less religious deconstruction.

But, what I do not understand is the shrinking back of those frustrated/hungry believers to the extent of not even considering a different alternative.  Just doing the same thing and expecting different results is insane.  Making  tweaks and minor adjustments to a dysfunctional, religious system is not going to get it done, either.  We must gain God’s thoughts, repent and enter into what He reveals.

A dear brother of mine, Vince Coakley posted a blog recently that I think is definitely worth a read.  He has done a tremendous job of making it plain!   Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “In Search of a Message – a Man – a Meeting!

  1. Paradigm shifts are never easy. I think at the heart of people “recoiling” and feeling “violated” is a fear that if they have been wrong about church that they might be wrong about other things, if not everything. Plus there is a sense, whether it is accurte or not, of safety and security in the church as currently structured. Church as it is currently structured asks very little from the layman and everything from the “professioinals.” Yet, we are all members of a royal priesthood and called to minister one to another. The true church, the one Christ is coming back for, will be function in this office and this capacity.

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