Overcoming the Orphan Spirit!

It’s impossible to please God apart from faith. And why? Because anyone who wants to approach God must believe both that he exists and that He cares enough to respond to those who seek Him.

He exists…..and He does so, not in the way we have defined Him! But, He exists as He truly is!  God is not a deity to be figured out by our human reasoning or even assumptions about Him based upon our past dealings with Him.  He is Almighty God and He is to be revealed.  And, He seeks to reveal Himself to those who have faith to receive Him as He is truly exists.

As He reveals Himself, WE TRANSFORM!  He does not change.  We do!  We are transformed by the total renewing and restructuring of our mentalities where we leave the realms of (fallen) human reasoning and the wisdom of this age and enter into the revealed thoughts of God regarding Himself, His purpose for creation and His ultimate intention!

The majority of people on this planet (including believers) view God from an orphan mentality.  They persist to operate from a self-centered existence where they are the center of the universe and everything revolves around them.  Therefore, God exists purely to “save” them or “redeem” them from their sins, bless them with the necessary things to live a happy life on this planet and secure their eternal destination where all of life’s pain, remorse and troubles will not exist.

A paradigm is a set of assumptions, concepts, values and practices that constitute a way of viewing a particular object.  Most believer’s paradigm, as described above, is an orphan spirit that seeks to “try and get to God” so that everything will be alright.  This is an inaccurate paradigm.  We must repent………….change the way we think.  We must seek out and understand God’s thoughts and replace our own with His.

ALL things begin with God.  He is not an addendum to our pre-existing life.  He does not exist to simply produce a rehashed version of ourselves before we came to know Him.  No!  He re-creates us as a NEW CREATION!

The truth is that we are not trying to get to God………….we originate out of Him.  John (chapter 1; the message) tells us that as many as received Christ, then “he made them to be their true selves, their child-of-God selves.  These are the God-begotten, not blood-begotten,  not flesh-begotten, not sex-begotten.”

So, most religious people are attempting to “get to God” through their works rather than understand it was God’s will that they “originate out of Him”.  What a glorious thought!  The place that you are striving to obtain is actually the place where you originate from!  Repent! Relax!  Rest!  Receive!

When you begin to realize what the scriptures are saying, you begin to understand that God is desiring to reveal Himself to all of us as Father!  This revelation changes everything!  It provides entrance into the actual power of the New Covenant which the Son of God established for us!

But, it takes faith to release our former religious paradigms and begin to receive Truth.

What is your God Paradigm?  What are the set of assumptions and concepts about God that you have?  What are the habitual, religious practices you involve yourself in because “God is in it”?

It is important to determine your God Paradigm!  It not only helps you to come to know Him better but it also reveals yourself to yourself.  This is where most believers abandon pursuit of God as He really is and default back to the “God-as-I-have-always-known-Him-to-be!”  As an idolatrous people by nature, we fashion a God that is convenient, comfortable and predictable for us.  And, the moment that our pursuit of Him exposes the true condition of our own existence, we refuse to offer ourselves as a sacrifice to Him and revert back to the God who does not require our transformation.  Again, self-preservation is a trait of an orphan spirit. The Spirit of sonship compels us to willingly lay our life down for the Father.

If you click the link below, you can listen to a series of teachings entitled, Overcoming the Orphan Spirit.  My prayer for you is that you release all that you have known, so that you can receive all that He has done and enter into all that He has prepared for you!  keep your peace!

Overcoming the Orphan Spirit


6 thoughts on “Overcoming the Orphan Spirit!

  1. Firstly:
    Right on, right on! The Orphan Spirit has been deceiving too many people for too long, when it has been on the heart of God to be our Father through New Covenant Adoption.

    I have a few things to say about this, as well, since The Fatherhood of God and The Sonship are at the core of my faith.



    As a son, my theology is simply relational. As a son, my abilities are placed within my spiritual DNA. As a son, I cannot be considered a mere convert, since sonship requires more than intellectual belief.

    Good stuff, my friend!

  2. An orphan has no one to love him and no one to love. Once we come into the revelation of God’s unconditional love found in sonship, it seems we are only half way there. The danger being that we don’t move beyond self and into maturity. Maturity is found in the greatest commandment of Matthew 22:36-37. Then and only then is Christ our life and death our gain. I would suggest that only when we come into a revelation of death as gain do we reveal Christ as Father intended. Was it Peter’s shadow the held healing? Or was it Christ’s shadow through him?

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  5. Excellent article Bryon – the words “And, the moment that our pursuit of Him exposes the true condition of our own existence, we refuse to offer ourselves as a sacrifice to Him and revert back to the God who does not require our transformation. Again, self-preservation is a trait of an orphan spirit. The Spirit of sonship compels us to willingly lay our life down for the Father.” These words mean a lot to me right now. Not only have they applied to me at various times when I have resisted the molding of the Spirit of God, before that point of brokenness came – but they also apply in a relationship we are walking through now. It is heartbreaking to watch those you have loved and cared for resist the transformation process and want to return to Egypt. Blessings to you.

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