Understanding the Times!

A well meaning brother forwarded me the link below.

He was appalled by the fact that there seems to be a trend, right here in the good old U.S. of A., with city governments frowning on people who are meeting in houses to have Bible studies or prayer meetings. He also wanted to make me aware of it because he is involved in the “house church movement” and he thinks I am too. (sigh, I’ve talked to him….I really have)

He’s aware of this post because I talked to him about the link and told him I was going to shamelessly use it as a post. He was cool with it. Although he doesn’t fully understand me, he loves me. Go figure!

Here’s the deal. Believers MUST transition from DOING church in any particular form and realize that they EXIST as the Church (God’s nation of People) which is to walk in the Kingdom!

Our true citizenship is not of the United States of America, nor our King’s Kingdom and authority of this world. Jesus told us, they hated Me; they will hate you. So, it should not come as a surprise when, for whatever reason, it happens. Persecution is coming to believers right here in the good old U.S. of A. I know brothers and sisters don’t want to hear it but it is true.

This is why we have to shift the paradigm from “going to church” to “being the Church”. We can certainly have a form of Godliness and deny God’s power. We’ve done it for a looong time now. The time is quickly descending upon this planet where His People will require God’s genuine, full power as the Source of their existence. As defined by Jesus, the prerequisite of entering into His governing authority is repentance or changing the way we think.

As Westerners, we have done a frightfully effective job of perpetrating our version of church on the rest of the world. Because we have had the resources, we send missionaries to foreign lands to stake a claim for our particular denominational affiliations, establish our liturgical system and teach those converts to observe all that we say and teach.

Of course, this has been done under the guise of completing the vaunted Great Commission. The only problem is that the message Jesus intended to be declared is the Gospel of the Kingdom, not our particular gospel brand. The Power of God is experienced in the proclamation of the Kingdom and how God has orchestrated for men to see and enter that Kingdom.

If you check, you will see that wherever believers are suffering persecution, there you will find an expression of God’s People dynamically thriving despite hardships and the form is not the primary concern! What we would call signs, wonders and miracles and be so astonished to actually see here in the U.S. are normal Kingdom life occurrences in those places. Those brothers and sisters live, move and HAVE THEIR BEING in God as their Source and all the while their natural lives are threatened for bearing the name of Christ.

There is an introduction of humility that is coming to the church in the Western world. We have tried to match an anti-Christ spirit manifest through religious terrorism by trusting in government diplomacy and carnal military might. We have tried to legislate morality through elections rather than existing as God’s Elect. The salt has lost its savor and will continue to be trodden under the feet of men.

Fortunately, if you understand that God is moving the things in this age, you won’t fear the things coming upon the earth. He made a promise you won’t find in Christian’s Promise Boxes or devotional books. He promised He would shake both the heavens and the earth! (read Hebrews 12 or, better yet, listen to this).

God is performing this shaking so that which is not of Him will be done away with and that which is of Him will remain. And the good news is that believers are receiving a Kingdom which cannot be shaken, if we are willing to receive it.

Keep your peace!


One thought on “Understanding the Times!

  1. Indeed, we in the west have somehow conflated democracy, capitalism and Christianity into a counterfeit kingdom. Only the authentic Kingdom will sustain us in the coming darkness and persecution, lest we fall away.

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