Yes. I’m Still Here!

Whew!  I’ve been through the ringer lately.  Issues, man.  Life is full of issues.  Thanks to those who sent me an email asking, “Where you been?”

But, beyond all of the distractions, whether they be health, financial or otherwise related………behind it all, Father’s Purpose still remains!

I could bore you with details but I honestly think it would come across like I was complaining, or even worse, whining!  I do NOT like whiners!  Because, after all, if there is one thing that I have discovered, it is that this whole thing is NOT about me……………it is about Him and what He is up to.

Look, I am a prophetic guy.  I believe every New Testament believer seeking the Kingdom should be.  As the Communicator, the Holy Spirit is given to do just that…..communicate.  One of the things I teach young brothers is that it is more common for them to hear Father than to not hear Him.  That is just how complete and totally effective the finished work of Christ is and how capable receiving the Holy Spirit makes us.  If you have spiritual ears to hear, then you do not have to worry, stress and guess about God’s Will for your life.  He will lead you and He is, without a doubt, a very effective communicator.

Granted, just as a natural born infant must be taught the father’s dialect, so too must we be spiritually trained and matured to pick up on the Father’s language.  (His language is Son, by the way…Hebrews 1:1)   Now, you’d be hard pressed to find another brother who was more into the Word (Logos; written) of God than me.  I love it.  I crave it.  I love to memorize it.  I love to study it.  Break it down into little bite-size pieces and just chew on it.  If you know me, you know I am not exaggerating.

However, it was a glorious day when I realized that the words could come off the page and reveal the Person who IS the Word.  The One who actually moved holy men of God to write the holy writ we refer to as The Bible and Whose job it is to reveal Christ to me could actually do it.  It was truly a Spirit-ual experience for me and it became relational.

So, over the years, I have come to rely upon the Father to speak to me through the Holy Spirit.  After all, man does not live by bread alone but by every utterance that proceeds from Father’s mouth. (Matt. 4:4)  The word for “word” or utterance there in Greek is “rhema”; not “logos”.  Those utterances have to do with all sorts of things.  Different topics.  Affirmation.  Correction.  Direction.  You know, life issues.

As the Son of Man, Jesus was led by the Spirit he had received to do what He saw the Father do and say what he heard the Father say.  Having received that same Spirit, New Covenant believers are to be matured sons (huios), not mere infants (teknon) who are led by the Spirit. (Romans 8)

Not once when Father has spoken to me has it ever contradicted His written Word.  On the contrary, I have discovered that what He is actually attempting to do is transcribe in my heart the Word He has written in the book.  That is a round about way of saying that He is forming Christ in me.

For over 3 years now, beginning mid-2009, I have been in a significant transition.  Father declared it to me and, oh boy, did I see it coming!  I knew going into it, that where He was taking us (me and my lovely wife) was an assured destination.  Father has ALWAYS been faithful despite situation and circumstances!  He would get us there.  So, the question wasn’t, “would we make it?”  The real question was, “How long would it take for Him to change me so that I would be fit once we got there?”

I knew last year (2011) we were getting close.  I received five different prophetic words from reliable prophetic sources which all said the same thing.  Since I am lightning sharp, I grasped what was going on.  Father was expressing His intent and showing us the light at the end of a loooooooooooong dark tunnel.  As we have been taught to do, we took those prophetic words and began to governmentally declare them.  This is an entire different topic.  But, basically, once Father expresses His intentions, there is no need to petition Him for it.  Once His will is made known, you come into agreement with Him and declare the things He has revealed as His will.  You know, it’s the whole, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” thing.  Like I said, governmental prayer requires its own post.  Anyway, back to this post.

At the beginning of this year, the Holy Spirit spoke to me to “Wait!”  (I’m chuckling)  Do you know what “wait” means?  It means to stay in place and be expectant of something.  Yep, hurry up and wait!  I scrounged around in my library and found a copy of Andrew Murray’s book, Waiting on God.  That wonderful work is chock full of great little quotes like:

The deeper we are willing to enter into the death of self, the more shall we know of the mighty power of God,and the perfect blessedness of a perfect trust.

Oh, yeah………death to self = perfect trust!  Please keep in mind that we had started this season back in mid-2009.  And now, I’m waiting.

As we prayed and waited, waited, waited and waited some more,  I knew we were making progress because of three things.  1.)  We faced incredible opposition and things grew much worse. 🙂  2.) We grew extremely weary and worn out.  3.)  God had grown silent.  Actually, He was up to all sorts of things in the lives of people around us.  But, no further communication regarding our status!  I’m not joking.  I’m completely serious.

This is where the Body of Christ engages.  The precious brothers and sisters with whom we are connected, both here locally and abroad, supported, encouraged and carried us.  Whether they knew what they were doing or not, they functioned, man.  And it was a beautiful thing.  You name it; they supplied it.  Prayer.  Love. Honor. Money. Ministry. Words in due season. Faith.   Some knew the circumstances.  Others did not.  All were led by the Spirit to supply to us what we so desperately needed in the proper timing.  The Body of Christ is a beautiful thing when it functions as it should.

As it stands today, this particular transition in my life has provided the greatest revelation about God whom I have come to know as Father and, it has also provided a great revelation about myself.  Man, I need Him!  Desperately!!  I have come to trust Him more…..although still not perfectly!

Precisely what He spoke to me in those 5 prophetic words last year is coming to pass.  Coincidence?  I think not!  All the intentions of a loving, heavenly Father for his son are being realized.  And the potency of that is not necessarily found in the life-altering situations and circumstances.  The true potency is revealed in a changed life of a son who is more out of the way than ever so that Father can be revealed!  Okay, so maybe Murray knows what he wrote about.

So, here is my encouragement for you. Hebrews 10 tells us that, ” you have need of patience, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised.

If there is some degree or level of dissatisfaction in your Life with Father, I would like to help you.  Perhaps, the reason for your dissatisfaction is that you do not believe that Father desires and is able to speak to you prophetically.  I would like to challenge that mentality.  What have you got to lose?  You can keep on doing the same thing and expect different results. Or, you give what I am about to share with you a shot!

1.)  Ask Father what His promise is for you.  God knows the thoughts He has for you,  Thoughts of good and not evil.  His desire is to bring you to a future and a hope far beyond your expectation.  Simply ask Him what His promise is for you and ask Him to reveal it to you.

Now, realize, what is revealed may not be some huge, life-altering deal.  He may start out small so that the duration of time won’t be all that long.  Remember, He is more interested in what is happening IN you than what is happening TO you.  His intention is to form Christ in you.  So, do not ask Him to make His promise known and expect to consume it upon your own lust.  His purpose is to train, teach and transition you into being His son.  He is ultimately your reward, not stuff and things.

You will more than likely be surprised what is on His heart for you.  Always remember, Father knows best.

2.)  Be obedient.  As Father begins to communicate with you, more than likely, He will provide you direction and require obedience.  For instance, even before He makes His promise known to you, He will impress you to go and ask/give forgiveness to someone.  Just an example but you must be obedient.

Whatever it is that He asks of you, step out in faith and obey.  Your flesh won’t like it.  “Fast for three days!” Yuck!  “Serve that brother!”  Who has the time?

You must remember that you are seeking Him!  Without faith it is impossible to please Him.  Demonstrate your faith by willingly being obedient in how the Spirit leads you.

3.)  Patience.  Wait.  Humble yourself before Him.  Wait on Him.  Serve as a priest before Him.  Pray.  Intercede.  Be diligent.  He is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.  As you do this, I promise there will be those who are sent to you to strengthen you, encourage you and assist you.  Even if you aren’t connected in relationships to that degree, I’m telling you Father will be faithful to send people to you.  People to bless you and people for you to bless.  You don’t have to understand it.  Try it and you will see I am telling you the truth.

Finally,  all three of the things mentioned above must be done by the Holy Spirit!  You are hopefully, a new covenant believer.  As such, everything God does now is by the Spirit.  If you ask Father to give you the Spirit, Jesus said He would willingly give the Spirit to you.  The Spirit is the power of the New Order of God’s work in the earth.

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit.  Not the resolution of your will or work of the flesh.  You do not know how to pray!  The Spirit helps your infirmities and intercedes for you!

The context of the new covenant is that God puts a new spirit in us and puts His Spirit in us which is the cause of us obeying Him.  Faith is a fruit of the Spirit.  The dynamic of the Spirit’s power is the only answer to Father’s demand for obedience!

You may not realize it, but coming to Father and asking Him what is on His heart for you is worship!  It is reverential observance to ask Him what He desires rather than telling Him what you desire.  God is a Spirit and must be worshiped in spirit!

So, as you approach Him in this exercise, simply ask Him for His Spirit.  Ask Him to fill you to overflowing.  He is faithful to do it!

Keep your peace!


4 thoughts on “Yes. I’m Still Here!

  1. Glad to have you back, Brother. I figured expanding into a new blog format would not go unnoticed by the enemy. But I imagine I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know. Please know this, though, that your audio teachings and blogs have sharpened my focus and transformed what, in many instances for me, would have been subtleties and nuances into bright light on the path of my transiton from doing church to being the Church. Please be encouraged and as you so often say, “keep your peace.”

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