He Who Has Ears To Hear……..Let Him!

Okay, so, uuuuuuuuummmmmm, I’m not really sure what the guy in the pic is actually trying to accomplish.  But, I think it is safe to say that he is trying to improve his hearing in some form or fashion.  I don’t know if his scientific experiment was successful or not.  I just hope that, for his sake, that apparatus was not permanently attached.

While it is amusing, I thought the graphic would be apropos for the topic of this post!

Today, I had the privilege of gathering with the some brothers and sisters in a local assembly.  We just gathered in the home of a local elder here in North Texas.  There was no high powered speaker.  No hour-long praise and worship session where we pleaded for God to join us.  Heck, man, we didn’t even take up an offering.  Although, there was a conversation on the side with a couple of brothers about meeting the needs of a family who are financially strapped and how we could go about meeting that need.

Anyway, we were there just conversing, catching up with one another and sharing life and sharing LIFE.  As is usually the case, the Holy Spirit began to direct the flow of our time together.  Before you know it, people were reading scripture, earnestly praying, prophesying and ministering to one another and offering insights into the things Father has been showing them since the last time we were together.

I had opportunity to share a little bit and add to the discussion.  I want to share the core thought that I shared this morning with you here now.  What I shared fit into the larger context of the corporate expression that was coming forth.  I just want to extract my portion and present it to you because it resonated with me so.

Hebrews 8 says in relation to the New Covenant:

And it will nevermore be necessary for each one to teach his neighbor and his fellow citizen or each one his brother, saying, Know (perceive, have knowledge of, and get acquainted by experience with) the Lord, for all will know Me, from the smallest to the greatest of them.

What you just read is the end game of the New Covenant!  Father desires a mature people, sons who are capable of hearing Him speak and are led by the Spirit. It is precisely that type of believer that will be about the Father’s business in the earth!

So, for a believer, hearing God speak should be more common than NOT hearing Him.  The main purpose for Father sending the Son was so that through the finished work of death, burial, resurrection, ascension and sending the Spirit to us, those who receive Him could be made alive unto God.  God is a Spirit.  As such, we need a spirit-man in order to relate to Him.  He must be worshiped in Spirit and truth.  Before we were born-again, we were dead to God.  Now that we have received a born again spirit and He has put His Spirit in us……(Ezekiel 36:26) which is the context of the New Covenant, there should be no hindrance in hearing Father speak.  It should be every believer’s great joy and normal experience.

Okay, so that is pretty much the thought I shared this morning.  Now, I’m just giving you a little sumpin’ extra because I’ve had all day to think/pray about it.

Again, it should be the normal christian’s experience to hear God speak   Jesus said, “My sheep hear/know My voice.”  So, we aren’t talking about some sign, wonder or miracle taking place in order to hear Him.  It should be the rule…….not the exception. It is not reserved for a few chosen holy ones to hear Him!

But, there are two main problems that keep the “smallest to the greatest” believer from obtaining such an existence.

1.  Most believers do not understand what has truly happened to them in their “born again” experience.  This stems from hearing a faulty gospel being preached/taught all of their lives.  They are unaware that they even have a spirit man which serves as their link to their Father, Who is Spirit.  This is sad because Romans 8 succinctly declares that, “The Spirit Himself [thus] testifies together with our own spirit, [assuring us] that we are children of God.”

I copied and pasted that straight out of Romans directly off of Bible Gateway.com so you know I’m not making this up.  I did add the emphasis though, in order to make my point.  Do you see where the communication takes place?  (Holy) Spirit to (your) spirit.  Because you are now a partaker of His Nature, you can fully expect the lines of communication to be freely open.  It is quite natural to hear Him!

The problem with most believers is that they think God speaks first to their rational mind.  That is not the case.  It simply is NOT what scripture teaches.

2.  Ministry gifts given to the Body of Christ in order to equip them to hear God speak do not function properly.  Rather than working to develop believers in their ability to hear Father for themselves, most “pastors/preachers/teachers/whatever-you-wanna-call-em choose to “indoctrinate” believers while they actually should be “educating” believers to know God for themselves.

I’m not splitting hairs, here.  The difference between indoctrination and educating is monumental, especially when there are so many different “brands” of theology vying for the masses.   To actually fulfill what God has called us to fulfill, which is making disciples, it is incumbent upon “ministers” to equip believers to know God for themselves and not make them dependent upon a particular messenger or a denominationally tainted message.  Listen, I’m all for sound doctrine but The Person of Christ being revealed is as sound as it gets. And, I regret to inform you that He is neither resigned to or defined by your (insert denomination of choice here) doctrine!

An easy way to understand what I am suggesting is to say that I can talk to you forever about my good friend.  But, the best way for you to truly know him is for me to introduce you to him and permit your own relationship to develop with him.  Then, he becomes your friend and my friend…………you just don’t have to go through me to get to him!  You are free to know him for yourself.  And, maybe, just maybe, you can tell me some things about him that I have yet to discover and know.

To continue to function, as we always have, as believers in a “church system” is to resist the power of the New Covenant.  As long as an anointed man, usually a professionally trained brother with all the answers, continues to traipse out on the platform to “feed the flock” by pontificating for an hour on a topic of his choosing, God’s people from the smallest to the greatest won’t be equipped.  They can’t be equipped via that system because it is an Old Covenant methodology.

I’m not saying that the Body of Christ doesn’t need pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles.  On the contrary, the Body of Christ desperately needs them!  They just need to function according to the measure of Christ’s grace and in an accurate fashion…..which is to equip the saints.

Why am I telling you this?  I am sharing this with you because there is the power and ability in God’s Way of doing things for you to HEAR HIM!  You can hear Him speak to you as an individual.  And, as I shared earlier in this post, you can definitely hear Him through an accurate functioning Body!  It is glorious!

God is our Father!  Father knows best!  He is moving according to His purpose and things are being fulfilled in the earth accordingly.  He knows the things that are coming on the face of this earth.  Men’s hearts will fail them because of the terror and dread unleashed on this planet.  It is already happening and you know it is true!

It is critical that Father’s family have the ear to hear Him when He speaks.  And it probably won’t come in a standard Sunday morning worship service.  He is preparing a people who will hear Him when He speaks by the Spirit and who will respond and obey accordingly. Father’s provision and protection for His people is found in His ability to clearly communicate directly with every believer and have them hear Him.  This isn’t gloom and doom.  This is good news!  Eternal life is to know Him (John 17:3) and He has gone to great expense to make that happen!   That isn’t reserved for “just over in the glory land someday.”  It is relevant and necessary in “the nasty here and now.”

Keep your peace!


2 thoughts on “He Who Has Ears To Hear……..Let Him!

  1. “What you just read is the end game of the New Covenant! Father desires a mature people, sons who are capable of hearing Him speak and are led by the Spirit. It is precisely that type of believer that will be about the Father’s business in the earth!”


  2. I love it! We protestants/Charismatics have simply replaced the Pope, Priests, and Cardinals with a new set of mediators between God and Man: Pastors/Prophets/Evangelists/Apostles/Teachers
    The things you said in this article are right in line with what God has been showing my wife and I over the last couple years. To hear Father correctly, we have to get off our addiction to attempting to hear his voice through big name ministers/prophets/etc. Personally, God told me to fast from reading books, listening to teachings, reading news, etc. for almost a year. I just read the Bible, learned to hear from God myself, and learned how to think for myself. I can’t tell you how much that revolutionalized my life! Now, most of the time, when I hear a teaching, I am able to filter it through what God is personally saying to me instead of running with it and swallowing it whole-Hog. We Christians need to repent for idolizing ministers/men of God and we need to renounce the lie that says we can’t hear God personally.

    Blessings to you Brother, and keep fighting the good Fight! Your Blog has been an encouragement to me. It is good to know that the Holy Spirit is showing many of us the same things.

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