“We Have Family Here!”

A few weeks ago, I drove over to a gathering of brothers/sisters about a half hour away.  As we started to assemble, I received a phone call from a sweet lady whom we relate with who resides on the opposite side of the DFW Metroplex.  I won’t call her name so as not to embarrass her and because she is probably reading this post!

Long story short………this precious lady, which I classify as an “undeniable seeker”, has been trying to find a “church” to attend on her side of town.  Now, if you’ve read any of my blog, you know that I’m not much on “going” to church but, instead, I believe that we must BE the Church.  However, in functioning the way that Father has us functioning, you have to receive people where they are and realize that everyone, and I literally mean, EVERYONE of us is involved in a process.  So, I never tell people to stop going to church, stop looking for a church or anything that they are currently pursuing. I sure don’t have anything for them to join!   I simply attempt to provide them with truth, serve as a representation of what I share with them about Christ and literally attempt to love the hell and religion out of them!  Hopefully, they will realize they are in the Kingdom and come to walk accordingly.

Well, this particular Sunday morning, this precious lady had gone to a small church she had been frequenting.  There were things she liked and didn’t like about it but it was finally some place where she felt comfortable and was “getting something out of it.”  But this Sunday morning, she spoke up in a Sunday School class and expressed what she thought and believed.  (uh oh!)

The general topic of conversation was about really going deeper in the things of God and seeking Him in order to know Him more!  The actual comment she made is not important.  What is important is the response she received from the “teacher” of the class and most of the others in attendance.  Let’s keep it simple………..she was spurned and ostracized; put in her place.

That is what initiated the phone call to me.  This undeniable seeker left the Sunday School class and she was upset. I dismissed myself from the gathering and walked down the hallway so I could hear this dear lady on the other end of the phone. Through tears, she described to me the situation and I could sense her hurt and frustration.  She was clearly upset by the fact that from the purity of her heart and a desire to earnestly seek God, she could be misunderstood and treated that way.  She wasn’t “coming against” anything.  She was simply encouraging believers to pursue!

As I listened to her, I tried to respond in an encouraging way.  I was not attempting to put them down in order to build her up.  Then it

dawned on me……………there’s a fully functioning Body just a few steps down the hall.  So, you know what I did?  I walked back into the room where the brothers/sisters were and put her on speaker phone.

I shared with the Body who was on the phone (most of them knew her) and gave a synopsis of the morning’s events.  Then the Body started praying, ministering and prophesying to this precious lady through my iphone 4!  It’s dynamic when elevated spiritual technology integrates with progressive electronic technology!

At any rate, the Body ministered, blessed and encouraged her.  We hung up and that was the launching pad for our time together that day.  Just a few days ago, I received the following email from this precious, undeniable seeker lady.  Here is an excerpt from her email. Check it:

After you guys prayed for God to send me like minded people, I have been doing the same.

Yesterday, as I was leaving to go to work, I said “Hi” to a lady I have seen coming and going for the last few months.

She stopped and said: “I am so glad to finally meet you, You have the most beautiful smile, and I see the Light in you.

So, I know that you have to be a believer! “

I said “I am a believer!!”  and the conversation continued.

I told her I had been looking for some women that were serious about getting into God’s Word,

which was proving to be a hard task.

She said, “Funny you should say that, God put it on my heart that if I didn’t meet you today, I should

put a note on your door saying. “Hi, my name is Jane.  If you would like to talk about the Lord, come see me in apt 342.”

We talked a little more.  I told her about a strong Christian “Dionne” that I had met who moved to a different building.

She told me “One day very early, I heard someone praying on their patio who had a real burden for the Lord.

We have family here!”

I get chills just writing about this!

We are meeting Thursday night for our 1st Bible study!!!

Come on, now!  It cannot be that simplistic!?!?!?

Yes.  Yes, it is!

Oh, there is some deeper spiritual truths I could delve into here about a seed reproducing after its kind, but I don’t want to use this experience to prove something so obvious.  I just rejoice with undeniable seeker lady because she now has family surrounding her where she lives and she doesn’t feel isolated any longer.

Once you begin to migrate from “doing” church into “being” the Church, there is a grace that brings connectivity.  I love the statement the lady made…………..”We have family here!”   She gets it.

It’s not about rushing in now to form something, setting up a Pastor and a system for doing things.  It is about people, connecting, relating and exchanging Christ.

This isn’t going to start occurring.  It is already happening.  It is simply what Father is doing these days.  This wasn’t a “strategic church plant” devised by any type of religious institution; house church, organic church, simple church or otherwise.  This was a REVEALING of CHRIST in the lives of PEOPLE who are SEEKING Him and desire Him to retain His PREEMINENCE!  Where two or three are gathered together in His name, whooooooooop!, there He is!

I am looking forward to being invited over to meet these precious family members sometime soon.  (Hope you are reading this, my dear undeniable seeker lady!)  I will relish in the authenticity of their passion in pursuing Him and I will so look forward to hearing their stories.

Thought for the day:  Ask Father to bring you Divine Connections in the Kingdom!  He’ll do it!

Keep your peace!


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