Receiving a Brother

One of the coolest things I have the privilege of experiencing is being sent by the brothers/sisters of the North Texas Kingdom Communities to other places across the U.S. where God has connected us to other communities that are being birthed or being developed.

It’s happening in a myriad of geographic locations. Father is connecting His family on a local and trans-local level. He is bringing His Household in to order.

This particular trip I am accompanying a precious brother from Australia with whom we are connected as we travel to Ohio, Missouri and Oklahoma before we head back to Texas.

This evening in Ohio, we gathered in the home of a dear couple whom Father is using to touch the lives of people in a significant way. As the brothers gathered this evening, the aroma of chicken wings wafted through the air, warm tones of greetings resounded accompanied by the sounds of slapping backs as hugs were exchanged! That, my friend, is a Kingdom environment!

Numbers wise, there were no more than 8 people present. By existing “church” standards that doesn’t seem to be a consequential number. I humbly submit to you what the Holy Spirit spoke to me years ago……..”it’s not about quantity; it’s about quality!”

To bear witness to what I just shared, I again humbly submit to you the words of Jesus. “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”

You see, what makes an assembly significant, in Father’s eyes anyway, isn’t how many you number, how loud you can get the music or even how many you can draw down front for an altar call. No, what is valuable to Father is if Christ serves as the currency of exchange with those who have come together……in His name…..with Christ having the preeminence and the freedom to perform Father’s purposes.

We just sat around having conversation. Esteeming one another. Allowing one another to share. Addressing issues and questions raised. It was significant in building and edifying each other. Advancement was made. There was spiritual traction!

There were no titles bandied about. No jockeying for position. No spiritual competition or one-upsmanship! Brotherly love prevailed!

We have received one another as Brothers! So, if there is any grace of Christ resident in us, and there is because we have all been given a measure of his grace, that grace was exchanged because we have received one another as Brothers born from the same Father!

I encourage you to take note of what I’m saying. If you have problems or issues functioning in this manner, I would encourage you to repent and ask Father to help you. The administration of what Father is currently doing in the earth by the Spirit is as the Father of His Household. The law of humility serves as the foundation of His House and only those who recognize that we are born again by Father’s Will to be first and foremost, Brothers, will be equipped to enter the fullness that Father’s House affords. There are no big “I”s and little “u”s in Father’s family. Spiritual hierarchy is not permitted at Father’s table!

That’s just some food for thought. Enough for now. More tomorrow from Ohio!

Keep your peace!


2 thoughts on “Receiving a Brother

  1. It sounds like Jesus to me. I’m not jealous, but rejoice that Father is glorified. The next time it will be be, you, Charles, Cliff, David, or some other member of the Body. I know it makes my natural body feel better when the brain sleeps for awhile. Exercise has made some muscles feel better. Why be jealous of one another. It is God who gets the glory. If I go much further with this, the old man might kick in and want to pass the offering plate. And I’m the only one here to give. Give my love to each one and hug them for me, and say that is from Jerry.

  2. My friend, I re-tweeted this post to some legit family members in Christ, urging them to read it for themselves. I burn at the mention of Kingdom, here, this side of Heaven. My heart longs for this!

    I am following your posts with great anticipation and enjoyment.

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