This is Father’s House


See those two cute guys? They are brothers! They weren’t birthed by the same set of parents. They’ve been adopted by Jason and Ursula McGlone.

Yesterday morning we rolled out of Portsmouth, Ohio and drove over to Piketon to visit with Gabe and Eli and the rest of their 5 siblings. All 7 delivered from severe abusive life situations, adopted by J & U and integrated into a household…..a family.

But, the family doesn’t stop there. They are all part of an extended family. The Kingdom family there in the Southern Ohio region has embraced the McGlone clan and made them all their own. Ever since I was I introduced to the precious brothers/sisters in that area, every time I visit them and spend time with them and the McGlones, I see a powerful Kingdom expression emerging!

This trip, we had the opportunity to visit the new home that was purchased for the McGlone tribe and given to them by the Body. This particular house is quite a bit larger than what they were living in and it sits on not quite 4 acres of land that is a paradise for kids ranging from 3 years of age up to 16 years.

Now, the Body is spending nights and weekends to build out an addition for the house so that the girls can have individual bedrooms and the “He-men” of the tribe can have more space to, well, be boys! We were actually able to lend a bit of a helping hand in decking the first floor overhead so the second story could eventually be added. It was an honor and privilege to be involved in even a small way.

Look, by now you probably know, I’m not real enthused by “church” buildings. I think they are a waste of resources and finances that can be better utilized to invest into the Body rather than perpetuate a non-biblical church system. “Chateau McGlone” (as i have affectionately started calling it) being a case in point! This is the kind of building fund I can and will support!

Father is establishing His House. His House is not a physical building where believers gather in order to worship. Come on and roll on over into the New Covenant, won’t you!?!?! Father’s House is His People and He seeks to dwell in them. It does not matter where the family gathers! What does matter is the “spirit” in which they gather.

God doesn’t need nor require opulent, multi-million dollar facilities packed with all the latest cutting-edge technology to dwell. That is so Old Testament! And, all of that stuff is for the appeasement of religious flesh. In being Spirit, Father seeks for those who are “spirit-ual” that He might reside in their midst.

We are to come together as lively stones and be built into a spiritual house. This does not just refer to when we gather but has to do more with how we truly exist! This type off “spirituality” is not freaky, spooky or surreal. Living life in the Kingdom led by the Spirit of God is the most effective and practical way of life. It is actually the type of life man was created to live and it serves as the catalyst for God’s power and authority to be manifested in the earth.

All through the day yesterday, as we worked together, took walks on the property, sat around tables to eat and have conversations as the Body, Father was present. It was undeniable. Lives were changed. Mine was, for sure!

But, the incredible thing about it, is that the entire purpose for that place being in existence is for the lives of those 7 children to be transformed on a continual basis, not just “an event”.

The property, the house, the relationships formed with all of those brothers/sisters, all of it is the fruit of the Kingdom; results of submission to Father’s House rules and the practical manifestation of His goodness! As such, His presence is evidenced by the love and joy that are being experienced as life is lived together in community.

All of those precious people are on a journey together of constant transformation and further entrance into and submission to Father’s House! They are growing/maturing individually and corporately. It is Kingdom, baby! And it is coming into the earth as it is in Heaven!

Now, to Springfield, Mo. to visit the communities there.

Keep your peace!

Daryl, Joe, David and Jason standing in front of the new addition to the Chateau McGlone!


2 thoughts on “This is Father’s House

  1. How precious! How precious! God break these mindsets in the Body. Set us totally free. What a good report of the Body there in Southern Ohio. Give Steve our love when you arrive there. Jerry

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