Generational Transfer

The Springfield (Missouri) tribe, as they are affectionately called, is the first community out of our local area (North Texas) where we played a role in birthing. We have walked with these precious brother/sisters for around 12 years now. Many trips have been made between Springfield and North Texas, both ways, in order to build, strengthen and gain maximum benefit out of our relationship.

As expected, the expression of Christ released through this community is unique. Primarily consisting of young couples, children abound. It’s always a joy to visit the Springfield tribe because we deeply love them all and there is so much life and activity with the young ones involved.

As we spent time together these last two days, I began to recognize that there is a brood of young spirits, hearts and minds that are being reared in a Kingdom environment. These precious little ones have never set foot in a “church” or experienced a traditional “church service”!

All they have ever known is the life of community and the effectiveness of Kingdom relationships modeled by their parents. Can you imagine a generation being raised up to walk in the Kingdom as the Church and not being confined by the small mentality of a limited religious culture of denominationalism? It’s happening right before our eyes. It’s awesome!

God defines himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; meaning He transcends generations. Starting with Abraham, it wasn’t until the fourth generation that followed Jacob where the 12 sons were born that the kingdom was established in fullness. The same principle applies today for the Kingdom to advance. There must be a generational transfer from generation to generation!

The WORST thing we can do is take a generation that is wired by Father to function/operate far beyond our ability and attempt to relegate them to what we have always known as church. What we have always known and done in church holds NO relevance to the generations being raised up!
This is by Father’s design. He knows the type of existence required in the generations who will walk according to the Kingdom and bring this age to a close!

A good example of what I am saying is found in something that is probably close at hand….. A smartphone. Do you realize that three year olds hold in their hands more computing power than what was present in the capsule that took man to the moon the first time? It’s true.

Not only do they hold it in their tiny little hands, they learn to use such a complex device almost as a second nature. They are wired differently. Do you see how something defined for us (basically old folk) is something different and far advanced for the succeeding generations?

A phone for me growing up was a rotary dial phone, plugged into the wall and used to make phone calls. The definition of a phone for these whiz kids holds minuscule similarity to our definition. To them a phone can make calls but it also is used for texting, taking pictures, listening to music, surfing the web and downloading hundreds of apps that allow them to a myriad of functions.

It’s a new day! They are a new generation! They will not go back to using a rotary phone…..nor should they! So, why should we expect them to revert back to our old, tired, worn out and ineffective definitions and functions of things in the Spirit and Kingdom?

Listen, I understand that there are fundamental truths and foundations that are not to be forsaken. And those are the things that should be generationally transferred! But, that’s all. All the other stuff that we’ve heaped on top of Christ needs to die out in our generation and we should not pass it along. They don’t want it. They see through it at first glance and it doesn’t compute.

It takes a mature people with a proper heart to recognize that these succeeding generations will go far beyond what we have experienced and know God in ways we could never imagine. If we realize this truth, we won’t hem them in by our old means and methods. Rather, we will change the way we think and do all we can do to facilitate and encourage their advancement into the spiritual frontiers of a Majestic God who has yet to truly be discovered.

I reckon this is one of the main reasons why I love my precious brothers/sisters in Springfield so much. They are doing the work, breaking the molds of men’s traditions so that their seed can have the liberty to freely pursue the things of God and significant advancement can be accomplished in the Kingdom!

We leave tomorrow for Oklahoma City to be introduced to a brand new Kingdom community. Should be an exciting time!

Keep your peace!

Part of the Springfield tribe: Matt &Heidi Giles with their 6 adopted children: Joseph, Isaiah, Annika, Jaz, Shiloh and Sean.



5 thoughts on “Generational Transfer

  1. You are completely blowing my mind and spirit away with these postings, my brother!

    Ours has always been and shall ever be a generational and relational faith. It’s how our Father has wired us through Salvation.

    All that to say that I am craving Kingdom Life this side of Heaven like you are demonstrating!

  2. Thank you for the prophetic word. This generation may be too far away from a time when most Americans lived in small communities where interdependence was necessary and integral, yet too close to the excesses and abuses of the 20th century to embrace living in Biblical community on a wholesale scale. Authentic Biblical community means a common life in Christ, sharing with one another everything we have, both spiritual and material. The material aspect may be the hang up, however. Private property rights is an important principle in America: thus, church buildings and denominations, both of which denote ownership. But as dark and desperate times increase on the earth, so will Kingdom principles. Perhaps we are the transitional generation in the transition to true Church. As Father teaches His children, so fathers must teach theirs. He will bring His Kingdom to pass.

    • A denomination has ownership? I like what you’re cooking. Denominations merely serve to establish secular boundaries within The Kingdom, and I honestly don’t think our Father is too keen on that.

      Arrogance in the name of spiritual elitism and theological comfort. Yikes.

      Covenant Sonship is my theology, The Church belongs to Jesus. The faith is His Spirit. Pow.

  3. Back in the “80’s” God showed us that we had a system, and it was called, “Church”. We were called to come out of her, but those were trying times, because at that time we didn’t know what to come out into, except unto Him. With our mindsets we stumbled around in starting other groups, but it even looked more like the system than the system looked. The Lord showed us in those days that we didn’t own one another. He was the commander. I see that the Lord has given us older men, through our mistakes, a vision to return to the Lord in repentance and point the way to our younger generation and aspire them to saying, “Yes, we are able to go up and take the country”, because the Kingdom lies within us, and King Jesus reside there. In fact that was accomplished in Him at Calvary, and to take it another step: He was slain from the foundation of the world. We just need to walk in what Father has, because we are heirs and joint heirs with Him.

    For forty years Israel journeyed through the wilderness. It was not a time without purpose, for while the older generation died — a younger generation was raised up to possess the promise. They were prepared in both faith and ability, to conquer the inhabitants of the land. When the children of Joseph drew back in fear, Joshua reminded them though the enemy was strong, God had empowered them for victory. They were greater than what they thought. (Last paragraph – Today’s Morning Reflections)

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