Let Brotherly Love Continue!

Made it home today to McKinney. Somehow, we crammed all of that, ummmmmm, humanity into that little airplane behind us.

David Newby (far left), who happens to be from Australia, and I (big guy on the right) departed last Thursday and flew up to Ohio to visit the brothers/sisters there. From there, we jetted down to Missouri and reconnected with the Kingdom communities In Springfield. Then, we drove over to the Oklahoma City area to connect with Aaron Heeg (standing next to Newby) and met with the community there and met some elders in the city. David Oliver (the final brother in the picture) flew in from Dallas, picked us up and took us home! God bless him!

So, I’m tired! But, I wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. Everywhere we went and every one we met, we saw Father at work in His people. It is so far beyond “church”, you see. It’s the Father’s House………His children coming to know Him as Father, loving one another and walking in the Kingdom!

There was no surface conversations. Everything meant something. We discussed personal issues, Kingdom issues, community topics, etc. All of it Christ-centered, Spirit-led. I think trying to explain what happened in people’s lives (including ours) would take too long. Let’s just say the Body functioned and all were encouraged, exhorted and comforted.

I have a confession to make though. On the flight home this morning, I cried. Being 7500 feet in the air, I was able to survey Father’s creation. Though this creation is in a fallen state and is awaiting to be redeemed, it is still majestic and reveals the beauty of its Creator. That was the initial thought that got me. Almighty God, who is my Father, is AWEsome!

With that thought, I began to replay the last several days through the cinema of my mind. I remembered the special moments with individual brothers and sisters. I recounted the intense awareness of His presence in the corporate assemblies. I recalled the power of love displayed as people would embrace, pray for and minister to one another!

As if that wasn’t enough, I thought of all the new precious brothers I had the privilege to meet and join in fellowship. In them all, from start to finish on this trip, I saw Him! And, man, that is grand!

Then, I thought about the brothers in the plane with me.

An Aussie, who I love and respect dearly, who flew literally half way around the planet to see me……..just because I asked him to come. I’ve got to wrestle him every time it comes to pay for gas, food, lodging, etc. He’s a wiry one!

Then, there’s Aaron. To say he is intense about Father’s Kingdom would be a gross understatement. He’s a gatherer and connector in the Kingdom. His transparency and propensity to form relationship is a result of his passion to love and be loved without guile.

And finally, our pilot. Such a meek, gentle and wise brother who is built by Father with an honest servant’s heart. I’ve never heard him say a bad word about anybody and he always seems to go out of his way to help/assist anyone in need.

Those were just the three brothers who were with me at the time! And, as I began to think about the brotherhood that I am involved in, I couldn’t contain my humility, joy and thankfulness. So, with my sunglasses on, I shed tears that streamed from a grateful heart! I’m blessed!

This weekend, there will be 70-80 brothers from around the globe that will come to a gathering here in McKinney! Other than to see one another, rekindle existing relationships and ignite new ones, there is NO agenda. There are no featured speakers. We gather in no other name than Father’s. We will actually spend time together in prayer, minister to one another and, above all else, honor Father by honoring and esteeming one another better than ourselves.

You’ve got to understand, the administration of what God IS DOING in the earth today is the Brothers walking together in the Father’s House. He isn’t going to transition………..He already has transitioned. The old structure and form of churchianity has been forsaken. The Spirit of Sonship has been shed abroad in the lives of those who have hearts to receive it and who are willing to leave what they’ve known in order to enter into what Father has prepared. It’s happening. I see it everyday!

So, if you don’t get it, I’d encourage you to love the brotherhood! If you do get it, then let brotherly love continue!



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