Learning to See Him Where He Truly Dwells

I’ve come to understand that the Majesty of God is His diversity contained in His Oneness!

Pretty much all my life I’ve looked for Him. I’ve searched using different means and methods. I’ve pursued Him in ways I’ve been taught and trained. I’ve fasted. Prayed. Studied. Practiced other spiritual disciplines. I guess, I’ve had a modicum of success. But, no real satisfaction.

It’s important to know Him, you know? Eternal life is knowing Him. But, it is crucial to know Him as He truly exists; not just as we want to know Him. That’s why man’s theology or study of God is so ineffective in obtaining a sufficient result in knowing Him. We rationally craft a God that fits comfortably into our desired lifestyle or pre-existing condition.

Then, I realized that Father desired to be known in a particular fashion through a specific way. The Father sent a Son who was the brightness of His glory and the express image of His person. Jesus of Nazareth said, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father.”

It’s a New Covenant thing. God dwells within and with us. He no longer dwells in things or places. I’m sorry. That is so Old Covenant. He’s transitioned. And if you do not understand that truth, you will continue to look for Him in forms and structures, wait for His Spirit or glory to “fall” or “rain down” and expect some type of manifestation or experience you’ve had before. That’s not really what you call progressive or advancement in the Kingdom!

Christ is in the Y to the O all the way to the U and is the ONLY hope of glory!

I expressed it that way to get you to pay attention! That truth is so commonly quoted that we gloss over the significance of it as if we understand its powerful purport! (The meaning or substance of a thing). If it were accurately understood and believed, the truth of Christ residing in us would retire all the old mentalities expressed by exhausted religious cliches and we wouldn’t expect God to do something HE HAS ALREADY DONE!

What’s more, if we would begin to realize that, not only is Christ in me, but Christ is in my brother as well, we would begin to look for and see Him in fullness………in reality and not in just some spooky, ethereal manner.

As the brothers begin to gather for our time together this weekend, I already see Him. The potency of His diverse expressions come shining through each individual brother but they flow in the consistency of His Love and Spirit. His glory can be experienced even in the smallest of ways, such as greeting brothers not seen for a while or conversations during a meal. These instruments of His righteousness have a rich variety of expression but they all portray His nature.

The joy, fulfillment and impact of simply being with these brothers surpasses any experience with God I have known because I have learned to look for Him where He truly dwells. And as you look for Him residing in brothers, His visage becomes increasingly clear, especially as you gather for special occasions such as this!


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