A More Perfect Union

I woke yesterday morning completely exhausted!  We just completed a weekend of gathering here in McKinney with over 70 brothers/sisters which came in from, well, just all over the place.  It was an unbelievably blessed time.  It was spiritually intense.  There were long hours of fellowship, ministry and just being together.  And, there was a large amount of work to be done.  I am not exaggerating when I say it was heaven on the earth!  Maybe I will get to the experience of our time together in future posts.

We delivered the final brothers who were leaving town to the airport Monday evening and then Tuesday, November 6th was the election.  I was already weary from the weekend and watching the election coverage was draining.

I will be completely transparent.  “My guy” didn’t win.  It was disappointing.  I am not very political but I do have concern for the nation in which I live.

So, I went to sleep  and woke up early Wednesday morning.  I was uncommonly aware of His presence as I laid there in bed and just thanked Him for another day to walk on this earth in pursuit of knowing Him better and performing His will.  He whispered, “I am forming a perfect union.”

I remember enough from my history classes to recognize that phrase from the Preamble to the Constitution.

We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union……

What I was seeing was that there is a transition taking place in the earth.  We are alive at this time in history to experience it and actually participate in it!  The Spirit is overtaking the fleshly.  The Kingdom of God is advancing against the kingdoms of this world!  The power and authority of “we the people” is being displaced and Father’s authority is being expressed.  He is forming a more perfect union!

Suddenly, I realized that what was truly important was the unity, peace, righteousness and joy in the Kingdom of God that I experienced over the weekend with those precious ones that were in town; NOT who was elected President.  The governments of men, even one that claims to be one nation under God, can never suffice for Father’s true Nation.  A Nation where He is truly loved, honored and in authority. A Nation that not only seeks to bear His name but also exists in the quality of his Nature!

The Church, the Nation of God in the earth is a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation and a purchased possession.  The purpose for their existence is to show forth the qualities and attributes of Him who has made them His own.  There was a time when we were NOT a people.  But, we were purchased by the blood of the Lamb to show forth His praise.

The make up of this Nation, a more perfect union, are those born into a New Creation; not the old order of this age.  These redeemed ones come out of every tribe, tongue, nation and people.  They are a kingdom of priests and their true citizenship is in heaven; not of the earth!  In this perfect union there is no Jew nor Gentile.  There is no American, Australian or African………..there is only Christ!  It is time for everyone, especially Westerners, to recognize the American Dream is not congruent with God’s Kingdom intent!  The Kingdom given to us is NOT of this world.

Nations of this age will continue to falter. Including the United States of America.  They must!  There is no other option.  At their best, the governments of men are fueled by the wisdom of this age tempered with human reasoning.  At their worst, their Godlessness, greed, corruption and selfishness are hastening the end of the age.

I would encourage you to be aware of what God is doing in the earth.  Focus on the “Elect” and not on the outcome of the “Election”! Notice what Father is doing in His People in this hour! He is assembling His Nation out of every governmental and religious state.  He is causing His Nation to come out from among them, be separate and begin to represent Him accurately in the earth.  Father is revealing and increasing His true government in His Nation. He is desiring to bring His People into the place of Peace, where His provision and protection can make them victorious over the things coming upon the earth.  As He leads and as His Nation responds accurately, other nations will recognize that the God of this Nation is indeed the One True Living God.

As a witness to what I am sharing with you, I offer you one passage of scripture from Ephesians, chapter 1.  It clearly shows the Father’s eternal intention.

 [He planned] for the maturity of the times and the climax of the ages to unify all things and head them up and consummate them in Christ, [both] things in heaven and things on the earth.

As the anti-christ spirit rages in the earth, it will, by its very nature, seek to come against true corporate expressions of Christ.  Yet, our victory is assured as greater is He that dwells within us than he that is in this world.  But, there must be a more perfect union of His People established and functioning.  The very purpose for Father seeding Christ in us, which is the hope of glory, is that we would be formed into a  perfect union and be His representation on the earth able to accomplish His will in the earth!

 In Him we also were made [God’s] heritage (portion) and we obtained an inheritance; for we had been foreordained (chosen and appointed beforehand) in accordance with His purpose, Who works out everything in agreement with the counsel and design of His [own] will….

May I encourage you to seek Father as never before!  My prayer for you is that you realize that what you have known and done has brought you to this point.  Yet, there is so much more!  I exhort you to get past the forms and pretense of your religious existence and look for the authentic, deep expression of Christ in the brothers/sisters around you.  Don’t do the same thing you have always done and expect different results.  The hour in which we live requires that we get past what we have always known and tune in to what the Spirit is saying to this more perfect union.

Keep your peace!


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