The Powerful Progression of the Kingdom’s Homothumadon!

A unique Greek word is found in the New Testament.  It is “homothumadon”.  Yeah………sounds just like it is transliterated from Greek into English.

Ten out of the twelve times it is used  in the New Testament, it is found in the Book of Acts.  The word is used to help us ascertain the uniqueness of the Christian community which was birthed by the Holy Spirit.  The literal definition of the word is

“with one mind, with one accord, with one passion.”

Homothumadon is a compound of two words.  One meaning to “rush along” and the other meaning “in unison”.

The image is almost musical. A number of notes are sounded which, while different, harmonize in pitch and tone. As the instruments of a great symphony under the direction of a maestro, so the Holy Spirit blends together the lives of the Body of Christ.

The thing about the Kingdom is that God really doesn’t need man to establish it for Him. He has fully and clearly expressed and demonstrated He alone is responsible for that particular function.  He  leaves nothing merely implied when it is stated,

“The LORD has established His throne in the heavens; And His Kingdom rules over all.”

God does not desire to execute His dominion down upon men.  Rather, because He is love and Father, His desire has always been and will always be to integrate His sons into His dominion!  To believe otherwise is to know God based upon false accusations that have been seeded in your heart/mind by the adversary and supported by inaccurate religious dogma.  I am not going to belabor the point here in this post. All you have to do is go back to the Garden and see God’s original intention for man.

So, while the Kingdom is advancing and the increase of His Government increases, Father hopes for those who will, for lack of a better phrase, enter the flow of His Reign.    To as many as receive Christ, the power to become children of God has been given to them.  But, simply entering the family is only the beginning!  Father’s intention is clearly seen by causing the Captain of our salvation to be made perfect through the things he suffered so that many sons could be brought to glory.  Ultimately, mature sons must be developed in Father’s House and learn to be led by the Spirit.  Developing maturity in brothers and sisters or forming Christ in them triggers the homothumadon of the Kingdom.  This type of Kingdom expression is nothing that a group of men gathered around a cause for Christ will ever be able to create.  Homothumadon comes only when men die to self/flesh, learn to live according to the Spirit they have received and yield!

On the day of Pentecost, we actually see what type of people the Spirit births.  They were elevated beyond the culture of their day and operated in an authority beyond the world in which they lived.  They walked in submission to the authority and power of the Spirit of the Kingdom.  What we would term as “signs” and “wonders” were part of their daily existence.  Everyone shared all they had so that no one had need.  You know the story.  The point is that ALL New Testament ministry must be initiated and perfected through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

In order to describe the uniqueness of this heavenly band, the Holy Spirit gave us the word homothumadon.  It is a powerful revelation of a pure Kingdom dynamic that flows through born again, yielded, humble believers.  But, the important thing to know is that this is how the Father’s purposes get done in the earth!  This type of flow can only be produced by the unity/harmony of the Holy Spirit.

In music,  a chord progression (or harmonic progression) is the term used to describe moving from one chord to another. Harmonic sequences are some of the most powerful chord progressions because they create a strong sense of forward motion. But simply identifying  the chords by  name and knowing what one chord sounds like doesn’t tell us about the chord relationships. Ask any musician you can find worth their salt and they will tell you that chord relationships are the secret to understanding the power of progression.  It is how the chords flow together that produces music that soothes the savage beast or moves a heart to tears of joy.

God never intended one chord to be played over and over and over and over………..boring!  Yet, that is the sound that we hear being released in the earth by the church today! Not only is it boring. It is irrelevant to Father being revealed!

The Majesty of God is His diversity contained in His Oneness!  God requires that all His people be equipped to sound off at full capacity of Christ deposited in them because that is the ONLY way He can ever possibly be revealed in an accurate fashion.  All saints must learn to flow together, make their sound at the appropriate time, hold their note succinctly and then provide space for the brother/sister they are rushing alongside of to release their specific sound so the powerful progression of the Kingdom takes place!

Last weekend, as we gathered with precious saints from all over the U.S., we experienced homothumadon.  As we yielded to Christ as the Head of his Church and in honor preferred one another, the Spirit initiated a flow.  I listened in amazement as every voice was free to bring expression directed by the Holy Spirit.  There was a common tone from one chord to the next and a powerful progression was produced and resonated within us all. The result was that the lives of God’s People were touched, edified and comforted.  No single chord could accomplish such a feat!

Here’s my encouragement to you.  Despite where you are geographically located, begin to make your sound God-ward.  Father will bring you someone to flow with in the progression of the Kingdom.

Perhaps for the majority of those reading this post, your homothumadon should begin in your marriage or family relationships.  Ask Father for the grace to get the sound of those relationships right.  He isn’t so much interested in you making a sound for all the world to hear as He is in creating the sound of peace and love in your home first.  Get your family in tune!

Those of you who are seeking community, sound off your note. Pretty soon, you will see that Father will bring you someone or another family with a complimentary note.  As you learn to allow the Holy Spirit to orchestrate the homothumadon with the two or three, a stronger sound will be released and you will find that others will pick up on it by the Spirit.

Just a note of caution here.  You have always made a sound.  You think that sound is the ‘appropriate’ note and that it is in tune!  (i am laughing as i type this thinking back on personal experience)  Just keep in mind that where Father is taking you, you have NOT been this way before.  So, realize that the sound to which you are accustom is probably NOT the sound that will ultimately be used to produce the powerful progression of the Kingdom!  We are transformed by the total restructuring and renovation of our note.

The homothumadon is awesome.  It is simply God revealing Himself to His People through His People!  As each member’s place in Christ is revealed through proper relationships, you will begin to rush along side of one another, honoring and preferring one another.  You will begin to see Him in ways you never imagined.  You will hear the sound of heaven come to earth!

Keep your peace!


5 thoughts on “The Powerful Progression of the Kingdom’s Homothumadon!

  1. Several years ago I had an open vision of seeing a hand strike a tuning fork, and I saw the Body come in tune with that sound that resonated throughout the world. The alignment of the Body blended with the sound into a beautiful worship.

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