What I’m Currently Reading! – becoming love –

I am a voracious reader!  I always like to read different thoughts, opinions and ideas regarding a vast variety of topics.  When it comes to “theological” types of books, I usually follow the wisdom of my spiritual father, Bert Maxfield who taught me to “…eat the grass around the stump and leave the stump.”

The current book I am reading has been a veritable buffet of green, green grass with no stump to be found!  becoming love by a Canadian brother, Michael Rose, has been an extreme blessing to me and has served as a poignant confirmation that I am on the right track in pursuit of the King and His Kingdom!  I have had the privilege of spending time with Michael and I know that the man is the message.  In this day of “every-brother-has-a-book-out-there”, it is refreshing to find a brother who has lived and lives what he is writing about and not just theorizing.

Aside from the subtitle, Avoiding Common Forms of Christian Insanity, which I love because it makes me chuckle due to the truth it holds, the content of the book is Spirit-led inspiring.  So simple. So potent. So Christ!  Enough said.

Michael broaches a myriad of important issues throughout the book which are all neatly wrapped up, tied up and topped off with a bow called Love.  His ability to weave personal stories into the packaging is also extremely attractive and meaningful!

Perhaps one of the most poignant statements from Michael was:

In this age of disposable and utilitarian relationships, it is apparent that love has become anemic, losing sight of self-giving, forgiveness, commitment and faithfulness.  When love relationships have been reduced to a utilitarian means to “my happiness” there is simply little context for the aforementioned.  It is this shallow experience of love, which becomes the “graffiti” which obscures John’s declaration, “God is love.”  (page 77)

In regards to a topic which is near and dear to my heart and essential to the advancement of Father’s purposes in the earth, Michael speaks of discipleship.

Disciple is a word we throw around in Christian circles, and sadly discipleship seems to have devolved into a course of how to “get-on” in church; it has become a course in being a good church member and serving the church whether this is through tithing, teaching Sunday School, leading worship, obeying the pastor or as simple as trying to emulate how “our brand” of Christianity does church. While there may be some validity for some instruction in some of these, this is simply not discipleship.  Jesus did not disciple this way.  He was interested in sharing very different material like how to live in the Kingdom of God, growing in love, in mercy, how to live lives which proclaim the Kingdom, healing, deliverance, forgiveness, intimacy, friendship and LOVE.  Jesus’ form of discipleship was different; it was personal, practical, relational and done in the context of the real world with real life happening all around.  (page 142)

Do you see what I mean?  Clear. Concise.  Powerful.  I find the book to read this manner all the way through.  Extremely well presented!

I would encourage you to mosey on over to Michael’s blog , check it out and gain information on ordering becoming love.  I know it will bless you as much as it is blessing me!

Keep your peace!


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