Home from Helsinki soon!


I have had an incredible time here in Helsinki over the last several days! There have been many hours of work and a lot of time spent with business colleagues.

There was also opportunity to re-connect with a dear friend named Heikki Lasilla. That’s him with his wife Paivi and their youngest, Petteri.

Since I’ve been so occupied, I haven’t had the time to add any new posts. But I will be heading home on Thursday and more new posts are sure to come.

For now, I will simply encourage you in this. Expect and look for Kingdom connections! Father is connecting His people together in such dynamic ways in this season! If there is a stronghold mentality of isolation in your life…………REPENT of it. Expect for Father to connect you with those of His Household that will strengthen, build and encourage you! Don’t anticipate for it to be like it was before or as you used to know. Your eye has not seen, your ear has not heard, neither has it entered your heart the things that He has prepared for you! There are good things in store for those who will abandon themselves to a corporate expression and seek to build via vital relationships!

Until I get home, keep your peace!


One thought on “Home from Helsinki soon!

  1. A point of humor, Bryon, I’ll even keep my peace even when you get home. Ha! I’m glad the the trip has been a fruitful one. You have missed some beautiful weather in Texas, and I know you won’t miss artic-like weather in Finland.

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