The Further Decline of Fathering

I ran across this particular article at the Washington Times website.  The continuing decline of fathering in our culture is totally contrary to the revelation of who our Heavenly Father is and the administration of His purposes coming to pass in the earth!

The Glory of God is revealed through the faithfulness of the Father never to leave the son nor forsake the son as the son is about the Father’s business. This is the guarantee of our well being in the earth and the potential for Father’s purposes to be performed.

More on this topic later.  For now, I will just let the stats contained in the image below speak for themselves.   Peace!



4 thoughts on “The Further Decline of Fathering

    • Sweet! Glad I could help. It is amazing to me to see the parallels that are occurring between worldly and Kingdom. There are incredible advancements to be made in the Kingdom.

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