“Turning the Corner!”

Turning the cornerThis post is going to probably be a little different from any other post I have written thus far.  I hope you receive it in the same spirit in which it is given.  I’ve prayed about writing this post and I feel that I must do so.  So, here we go!

All day today, the Spirit was speaking something to me from out of the Tabernacle motif.  Admittedly, I initially received it for myself because it reflects this current season in which I am walking.  The underlying principle of that which was being spoken to my spirit is a principle that we learned several years ago and have applied on a consistent basis.  When I say “we” in this context, I am speaking of my wife and those brothers/sisters who have walked with us over the past several years.

However, as I mused on the Word being infused into me throughout the day, I gained a sense that it was not for me.  Early this evening I realized that it was a Word of encouragement for someone else.  Maybe even you as you read this!  I don’t know.  I’m just going to share what I’ve been given and believe that the Word doesn’t return void but it accomplishes that which pleases Father and achieve the purpose for which it was sent!

The phrase I originally received is the title of this post.  “Turning the corner!”  It was emphatic in my spirit.  Hence, the exclamation point.

Now, as I mentioned, this Word is fitting for me in my situation because we have experienced a significant transition in our lives.  That transition continues in this coming year as Father is opening new doors of opportunity for us into new places/ventures/relationships. So, it made sense to me but, it wasn’t long before I realized that the Word transcended me.

There are many of God’s children, you may be one of them, who have experienced difficulty in a major way regarding one big issue or over a myriad of smaller matters.  There has seemingly been hindrances that, despite your best efforts and intentions, have apparently thwarted the purposes of God in your life.  I believe Father wants to tell you that you are turning the corner!

As I meditated on the Word today, the Spirit led me to an image found in the Tabernacle. I love to study the Tabernacle.  There is so much truth and revelation contained in it.  In short, it is a revelation of God’s intention for HOW a Man and the ONE NEW MAN (God’s People/The Church) is to exist and function!  Obviously, the types and shadow of Christ exude through the symbolism of the Tabernacle, which is why I love to study it so much.

The first thing that I want to mention is that the Tabernacle was given for the journey through the wilderness.  If you feel like you have been in the wilderness for an extended season, then perhaps this Word is for you.  I won’t take time to go through the symbolism of the wilderness experience.  Suffice it to say, if you have been or currently are in a wilderness experience (spiritually), you understand the significance.

Since it was built for the wilderness experience, the Tabernacle was designed for migration.  It was engineered by God so that He might dwell in the midst of His people and then lead them in the Way they should go.  In order to reach the destination God had for them, there had to be a willingness on the people’s part to leave what they had known, where they had been and their old ways of doing things.  With God, movement was then and is now………..required and a mandatory operating procedure!  

Now, here’s the main point I believe the Spirit wants to convey to those to whom this Word is intended.  There is a peculiar grace awaiting those who will, by faith and obedience, turn the corner and enter into it. In the Tent of Meeting where the Holy of Holies and the Holy Place existed, there were walls constructed that contained the Ark of the Covenant (Holies) and the Table of Showbread, the Candlestick and the Altar of Incense (Holy Place).  To provide a covering and actually make a tent, different types of skins were laid over the top of the walls to bring enclosure.

In order to bear the weight of the multiple coverings which draped over the boards of the Tabernacle and because He is Genius,  God gave the directive there should be an additional board which served to reinforce the corners. Allow me here to interject wisdom from T. Austin-Sparks:

…………….corners are always delicate things, perilous things; turning-points are always fraught with great possibilities. You come up to a point where a turn is going to made, a new course is going to be followed, and that turning-point needs to be negotiated with much wisdom and care. Something extra must come in there to cover it. And in that infinite wisdom of God – the recognition not only of the weakness of a corner in natural things, but of the perils connected with turning-points in spiritual life – the Lord made and makes a provision; He covers it, prescribes for it. As in the boards of the Tabernacle, there must be some real reinforcement at that delicate and dangerous point of crisis.

So, there is a peculiar grace, a grace of God which you have never known that He has for you as you turn the corner.  It is only when we step out in faith and obedience, not walking by sight……….that we can come to know Him in ways beyond our imagination and enter into the things He has already prepared for us.  I encourage you to abandon your carnal sight and move in faith.  Don’t be afraid of what is around the corner…………His thoughts are good for you; not evil.  His desire is to bring you to an expected end; a future and a hope.  Fear will paralyze you and keep you from advancing in the things of God, while faith will always propel you forward.

Before I bless you with some practical steps to assist you in turning the corner, allow me to mention one last thing about the corner posts.  The sockets that served as the foundations for the corner posts were made of silver.  In scripture, silver speaks of redemption.  The Spirit wants you to understand that you are NOT defined by your past without Christ; You are defined by your future IN Christ!  The blessings, the freedom, the grace He has for you is not based upon your works.  Turning the corner in this season is purely based upon the finished work of Jesus Christ and the ability in God that it affords!  Be comforted in that truth and do not allow the adversary to convince you otherwise.

So, now, if you believe this Word is for you…….what do you do with it?  That is an excellent question.  I am so glad you asked!  I will provide you with some general understanding which has been gleaned over the years.

1. Receive the Word:  If you truly believe that this Word was shared for you and it bears witness with you, receive the Word by faith.  if you do receive it, it is important to understand that this Word came from God and not a man.  As such, reverence the Word and thank Father for it.

2.  Meditate on the Word:  If God has truly spoken a specific Word like this to you, keep it before you and Him.  Pray it.  Study it out in the written Word.  Speak the Word.  Declare it and allow the Spirit of God to hasten after the Word to perform it.

3.  Expect opposition:  Read the parable of the Sower of the Seed.  Notice that opposition came because of the Word in order to steal it and keep it from producing fruit.  This is where faith is engaged and carnal sight is to be forsaken.  I promise you, if you will stand, you will see the Word come to pass.

4.  Permit/embrace change:  Most believers want ALL that God has for them but do not want to CHANGE.  Understand, turning the corner is a transition.  You cannot do the same things you have always done and expect different results.  Expect and look for different associations/relationships that will encourage you.  Ask the Spirit to teach you how to pray in a different way.  Break up your daily routine and give more time in functioning as a priest before God, serving others or in fellowship with mature believers.  Fast a meal or two a day or as the Spirit leads.  There are a multitude of ways to shake up your routine.  The main thing is to be obedient as the Spirit leads you.

5.  Rejoice:  Be thankful to Father in advance to turning the corner.  Rejoice in the revelation that He has brought to you.  Sing songs of praise.  Make up songs of your own.  They will probably not flow like songs you know……..it doesn’t matter.  Just let them flow out of the purity of your heart.

6.  Remove the Lie:  The mentality of “it has always been like this and it will always be like this” must be broken.  This mentality usually stems from and is enforced by accusations that the adversary has established in our hearts/minds against God or ourselves.  Break the power of that deception.  Make confession/give and receive forgiveness whether it be towards/from God or in other relationships.  Do not let pride keep you landlocked in your current situation.  Humble yourself and see what Father will do.

My brother/sister, I hope this is an encouragement to you.  God is for you and not against you.  He has good things in store and He desires to lead you into them.

See you around the corner!  Keep your peace!

You can learn more about the Tabernacle at http://thedeserttabernacle.blogspot.com/2010/02/exodus-2623-tabernacle-tent-corner.html


5 thoughts on ““Turning the Corner!”

  1. Seems like life in Him is a seamless migration of corners turned! 🙂 At least has seemed that way to me. Living in a present reality of Jesus means living in an every moment expectation of the turned corner. I am often reminded that the last day of the last month of the last year of the wilderness travels looked just like the previous 39+ years. the only difference was . . . a corner about to happen. Help me, Lord, help us all.

  2. Newton’s first law of motion says, an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Turning a corner, it seems, is necessary when we are out of balance with God. Not that He is unbalanced, but we are out of balance with God because a season or direction is over in our lives, and we are slow in yielding to the Spirit’s action to lead us in a new direction. We are no longer resting in Christ, but have simply become inert. The sooner we turn the corner in faith, the sooner we come back into balance with Father, walk again in the Spirit and find our rest in His Son. According to Newton’s law, however, can an object be at rest and in motion at the same time? In the Kingdom all things are possible.

    P. S.
    Thanks for the link to the Tabernacle site. Didn’t have that one.

  3. We are in extreme transition relating to the ministry I have been associated with for the past 13 years. In my journal yesterday I worte: “We’ve turned a corner. On to the next thing…..Seamless transition. Part of the plan.” Also: “There is a lot of work to do. Let it commence.” & “How does this unfold?…In rest, knowing He has prepared the way.” Then I came across your word today.

    Thanks for putting it out there for God to use to encourage at this critical stage in my life. He has indeed prepared the way for all of us as we “head out” for unimaginable discoveries of faith. I am looking at transitioning toward allowing the Lord to use me to prepare the Bride for her Beloved Bridegroom. I have a web site http://www.finalhourvoce.com (temporarily down). I have written a couple of books, Final Hour Prophetic Voice – Calling the Church to Glory & Garden Pathways – An Intimate Walk with the Crucified One. The Lord just gave me 10 “keys” for responding to His call to intimacy and there is brother I have been working with who God has told to distribute such materials to every household within 8 hours of our location here in Omaha. He has the capabilities and infrastructure to do this. The wheels are turning and momentum is fast approaching as we “turn the corner” and are hurled on toward Destiny!

    Would love to continue to communicate with you as God “moves” us closer and closer to the place where all things are new.


    • Good to hear your are being blessed! It sounds like you are definitely on an interesting and productive journey. Be sure to keep in touch and let us know what is going on!

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