You Who are Spiritual!

you spiritualThe administration of God’s activities in the earth has transitioned to the rule of the Father’s House. The day of hierarchical diffusion is over. The flow of spirituality down from one, key anointed personality to a subjugated, lower class of believer is NOT the way of the Kingdom. While this form of “church” or “Christianity” will continue to be propagated on the masses, the doors to Father’s House are swinging open to receive those who realize that we were born again to be brothers and to be mutually submitted to His rule.

Brothers entering Father’s House must expect to become suitably conformed… for the brethren is the proof of such a conformation!

This truth contains the great equalizer. If we consider ourselves something, we deceive ourselves and the pride of this life, NOT HIS LIFE, rules us. It is His grace to us, in us and through us that is THE something. His grace is also the basis of connecting with one another in the Body and it is the relational transaction of that grace that can only accomplish Father’s purposes. This revelation brings humility amongst brothers, stops hierarchical diffusion and provides Father something He can actually inhabit and use in fulfilling His desires.

My Aussie brother from Down Under, David Newby, expressed this sentiment about brotherhood on a recent FaceBook post…….

The brotherhood- no, its not a cult. Nor is it an elite band of brothers. For the first 2 centuries of the church, the words “brotherhood” and “church” were used synonymously and interchangeably. The entire early church recognized the authority of “the brothers” in the Christian community – it was a peer group run by the peers. Peter does not use the word “church” in either of his letters, but he does direct us to “love the brotherhood”. Paul especially took the words of Jesus to heart “But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers” (Matthew 23:8). We do not serve others because of their ministry or gifts, we serve one another because we are brothers.

The entire reason for the new birth was to take man from being a carnal being who was resigned to having momentary spiritual experiences and transform man into a spiritual being in nature who is required to walk through momentary fleshly experiences. Jesus, if he was anything, was a spirit being robed in carnal flesh who functioned under the government of the Holy Spirit and revealed the Father. He is the Son to whom we are meant to be conformed. He was, indeed, Man as God created a man to exist; to live, move and have our very being in Him!

I’m the first to admit…………… on this planet is hard and is only getting more dangerous. But, what do we expect? Jesus told us of perplexing times and turbulent seasons. His promise was that he would make sure to bring us through such times; not that we wouldn’t experience them. As a matter of fact, Paul noted in scripture that these light and transitory burdens of suffering are achieving for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever. Hence, the need to understand the New Creation and install eternity as the mindset through which we view things.

As T. Austin-Sparks once said,

………… this new creation in Christ Jesus, we are called to live here not romantic lives at all, not lives of great public attraction and interest, but ordinary lives; to do our job, learn our lessons, experience adversities, carry responsibilities, do the thousand and one things which belong to the ordinary person’s life, but to live on a higher level than the ordinary person. And that cannot be done unless we are constituted to do it by the Holy Spirit. But it can be if we are.

Where Spirituality Really Matters

I’ve been around “church”, “ministry” and “spirituality” my entire life.  I’ve seen some things.  I’m sure you have also!  I have experienced all types of spirituality; everything from the genuine to the weird and wacky.  In my understanding and experience now, allow me to express to you where I believe spirituality really matters.

In all honesty, I know very few believers who live their lives on a higher level than the ordinary person. I didn’t say that I didn’t know any…….I said I knew of few, especially in comparison to the number of people who profess to be believers. I see the majority of God’s people still struggling with sinful habits and being influenced by the spirit of this age rather than being led by the Holy Spirit.

I’m not being critical. I’m just offering an honest assessment. Rather than being joint heirs with Christ and partaking of God’s Divine Nature as the standard operating procedure of our existence and basis of our fellowship, we still tend to lean first on the arm of the fleshly nature first.  I have come to firmly believe that one of the main reasons this is the case is because believers take the “Just Jesus and me approach” to living out their faith.  Life in the Kingdom was never intended by Father to be a solo flight.  The moment you profess your faith in Christ you are baptized into Him, you partake of His Spirit and that, my dear reader, intimately involves you in a corporate expression.

Contrary to the prevailing train of thought in most Christian circles, spirituality isn’t demonstrated through giftings, assaulting spiritual principalities and powers of the air through so-called spiritual warfare and/or the phenomenon of signs and wonders.  While all of those things apparently have some biblical import, the more relevant and effective display of true spirituality is in loving Father’s children in the proper manner and with the proper motivation.

There are many scriptures that can be referenced here.  For lack of time, I will only present Galatians 6 to you for consideration:

Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, you which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering yourself, unless you also be tempted.  Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.

True spirituality is revealed in equipping, restoring, mending and encouraging a brother who has either lost his way or is trying to deal with something he alone cannot spiritually handle.  The continuation of, “Bear one another’s burdens….” is written in the present tense, which suggests the action is to occur at the time it is required and also written in the imperative mood, which reveals that it is an absolute command requiring full obedience on the part of all hearers.   The law of Christ, “Love one another as I have loved you.”, is fulfilled in this way and it is incumbent upon those who profess themselves to be “spiritual” to do so.

Some things that believers struggle with can only be overtaken by the power and authority of an accurate, corporate expression.  And until we, as believers, rescind this singularly-independent mentality of “Just Jesus and me”, we will continue to forfeit the strength and capability of God that is found only in One-ness and unity as revealed in the corporate expression.  Forms, structures and systems which are religiously implemented by fleshly men will never accomplish what God intended to be accomplished by dynamic, life-giving relationships governed by the Holy Spirit and based upon a shared righteousness found in Christ.

In just the past two weeks, I’ve had several opportunities to be “spiritual”.  Whether it is a group of people who have come out of an incredibly abusive, debilitating church system; a dear brother who has strayed and called to repent and be restored;  a new brother seeking affirmation in his new way of pursuing Father, ………..all that they were searching for was to be restored and for someone to walk out this journey with them in love.

If you took time to just look around and ask Father for opportunities to be “spiritual”, I bet you would find many of them.  You probably already have!  Give yourself wholly to those opportunities to bear other’s burdens, to bring healing and restoration and to love.  Father’s grace and capability will flow freely through you and He will be revealed in incredible ways!

Keep your peace!


2 thoughts on “You Who are Spiritual!

  1. Wonderfully said. Locally here, the following has been riveted in our spirits lately in the sense of a “present word:

    We know we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren.

    Note: not because. Mumbled a prayer and asked Jesus into our heart, or because we believe in “Paul’s doctrine of justification,” etc.

    The subjective realization of our faith, and the objective outward manifestation is love . . . Period.

    Like you, i have been to alot of meetings, seen a lot of “anointing”. . . . You name it, seen it, been there, done it . . . Including the miraculous.

    What is thrilling about being alive at this hour is to be seeing, experiencing, sharing, and giving to others a quality of love that I have previously not seen in 39 years of church life.

    I am living in revival. It’s all around me . . . I just look for the leading of love . . . It doesn’t have to be “prayed down from heaven.” It’s a close as our next breath if we would adjust our receivers to His love frequency, and change our transmitters from dogmatism about the Bible, to actually loving and caring for someone.

    These are the best days of my mortal existence

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