Uncovering the Umbrella Man!


(Warning:  This is for serious Seekers only!  This one is a bit concentrated and undiluted.)

I woke up really early on this fine Saturday morning.  Really?  On a Saturday!?!?!!?  (sigh)

I went to praying.  I was lead to pray for precious brothers here locally and across the U.S. with whom I relate.  I called their names before Father asking Him to bring a deeper revelation of His love for them, as well as specifics that applied to each of them.  As I prayed, a couple of other brothers who I knew ‘back in the day’ kept coming to my mind. I thought it was quite odd since  I do not have any communication with these two particular brothers. We parted ways and have not stayed in contact due to the “church” situation we were in.

So, as I prayed, they kept coming before me.  Eventually, I said a prayer for them and asked God to bless them wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

Later that day, I was up at the Studio waiting for a photographer to finish up her photo session and something occurred to me.  My friend “Google” could locate these two brothers and I could find out what they were doing.  It wasn’t long before I had found them and discovered what they were up to now.  They were doing the same thing………”ministry”…….the same way that the Umbrella Man was doing it back when we were together with him at his ministry.  The only difference was that they were doing it on a much smaller scale.

As noted above, an Umbrella Man is the epitome of what the existing church system strives to produce.  He’s the Chosen One, the Most Anointed One of All, the Big Kahuna, the Man in Charge who provides the lower spiritual class with spiritual covering.  That’s right………for a commitment of loyalty, which always includes your money, you too can share in this man’s anointing and a guarantee of  “success” in life and ministry (if you are umbrella man wannabe).

Listen, I am not being critical of those two brothers.  They are no less a child of God than I am.  Actually, my heart breaks for them.  I know them.  They are both good guys.  They are simply bound by that to which they have submitted themselves.  They both preach with the style and rhythmic recitations as does their Umbrella Man.  They take up offerings the same as he.  Their “vision casting” is extremely familiar.  In essence, they are clones and imitations of what was modeled to them as being “successful”.

Let me pull back the curtain just a bit and share a portion of my personal experience.  While I was still under the covering of the Umbrella Man, I was portrayed to him as being disloyal through the craftiness of another brother who, well, let’s just say, he disliked me.  What was presented to the Umbrella Man was inaccurate and a falsehood.  Regardless, when I was called on the carpet, I did not get a chance to explain the truth of the situation.  The Umbrella Man felt threatened by what had been presented to him, I had been called into question and had to be dealt with to preserve the order of things.

It wasn’t pretty.  I sat there being cursed at, (literally)  emasculated and verbally abused in the presence of my wife.  While the Umbrella Man was up on the edge of his seat spewing venom at me, I heard the closest thing I have ever experienced to an audible voice of God.  In my hearing, the Umbrella Man went into what I call, “Charlie Brown Teacher Mode”.  You know, Charlie Brown’s teacher always speaks, “Wah wah wah. Wah wah wah wahhhh.” in the Charlie Brown episodes.  I could still see him as he continue railing on me but I could not make out what he was saying any longer.  And I heard, “If you stay here and submit yourself to this, this is what you will become.  Now, do you want to stay here or do you want what I have for you?”

My answer?  “I want what you have for me!”  There are more details to the story but I won’t go into them because they are not the point!  The point is leaving the (spiritual?) covering of the Umbrella Man.

There are many believers, perhaps the large majority, who have bought into the cunning craftiness and deception of the Umbrella Man stratagem.  The implementation of this cunning plan is designed to turn the situation to the Umbrella Man’s advantage and by its very nature CANNOT……I repeat……CAN…..NOT fulfill Father’s purposes in you!  It is only designed to perpetuate the Umbrella Man’s existence and, as he sees it, keep him relevant and in control.

I have had the unfortunate privilege of being privy to Umbrella Men who have gone so far as  stating that if you “leave their covering” then you risk the inevitable outcome of  financial ruin, marital demise, sickness or disease and possibly dying because you are out from under their ability to cover and protect you.  Some have even gone as far as stating that they have witnessed the deaths of those who dishonored them and have left their covering.

Simply stated, this is witchcraft and has absolutely nothing to do with Father’s business!  Not only is the teaching non-biblical, it denies Christ His pre-eminence.

As my dear brother Stephen Crosby stated,

Love+freedom+relationship+trust has a derivative economy. That which is done motivated from those things is kingdom. Economy minus those things, or God forbid, substituted by others (mandate, law, guilt, duty, etc) . . . is something else. Call it what one may want to, but it is something else.

If you, dear reader, are one who is experiencing the teaching of the Umbrella Man stratagem, my prayer for you is that you tell Father that you desire what He has for you.  It is for you that I wrote this post.  Father wants you free to pursue Him authentically and enter into what He has for you.  You are to share in and be a joint-heir with Christ. You are not called to be protected by another man’s anointing or grace!  You are destined to function in the fullness of the measure of Christ’s Grace that He has invested in you.  Make a decision to no longer subject yourself to the debilitating falsehood of an Umbrella Man.

Father and the Body of Christ don’t need you to be a clone or imitator of another believer.  What is required of you is that you be free, develop in your grace/calling and express Christ purely as only you can do.  As you pursue Father in that fashion, He will cause you to be connected to and in relationship with an accurate Body of believers where you will experience the love, safety and security that can only be found in that way.

I do not normally share such details of my personal testimony unless the Spirit urgently directs me to do so.  This post carries such an urgency!  My prayer is that this post only confirms what you already know and will support your decision to move out of what you have known and move towards Father!  If there is anything I can do to assist you, please feel free to contact me at contact@theforerunnerministry.net

Keep your peace!


9 thoughts on “Uncovering the Umbrella Man!

  1. through some circumstances, found myself as a guest in a similar environment today… Utterly painful, sad… My heart was wrenched for the complete inauthenticity of what happened for two hours in the name of Jesus and ” church,” and a completely inauthentic, manufactured, contrived, and psychically manipulated alleged “presence” sadly, too typical and truly heart wrenching.

    • Feel for ya, my brother. You are (in Him) who you are for a reason, my brother. You will continue to be used in great ways to equip and bless His Body! And it is an honor to walk with you!

  2. Bryon – We were part of a church exactly like the one you mentioned back in 2000 – 2003. Steve Crosby also knows the details because he was part of the same “Apostolic” network back then. It was sad to be one of those who bought into the lie that my destiny and purpose was inextricably tied to the so-called “Set Man”. It was also sad to see a church filled with amazing, wonderful, gifted people who did not believe they could accomplish anything in the kingdom apart from the blessing and covering of the “Set Man”, or “Umbrella” man as you call him. This is indeed an old covenant theology, and completely ridiculous. These false teachings are not much different than the “Umbrella Priest” who needs to provide absolution for sins. Also, not much different than the false need for an “Umbrella Father” to be the “Priest” of his home in order for his wife and children to receive blessing and relationship with God. Although Fathers, Apostles, Leaders, Pastors, etc. are used by God to train and equip those entrusted to them, it is a lie that we cannot access God without them. The curses of those who “break covenant” were also used in the fellowship we attended. The curses were intended to hold people in fear, and it worked for a while, until it all crumbled. These systems of men will all inevitably crumble eventually.

  3. Chad, what a blessing and cause for rejoicing that you have walked through it and are now able to move freely without such encumbrances. We are seeing an increased exodus of precious brothers/sisters from such snares.

    Shoot me an email and let me know the name of the “apostolic network” you were involved in. From the terminology you used, I’m curious if we weren’t under the same umbrella! peace!

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  5. Our roots that bred “umbrella men” started in Waco, Texas. In a dream in the “80’s” God showed me that it was a prisoner of war camp. The details of the house of the camp looked just like an army barracks. I found out later from someone who had visited there- that this was a graphic picture of what they met in for church. I started sharing with other pastors as myself that we are all prisoners. To say the least I didn’t gain any new friends, but lost all of the old ones. One brother from Japan believed that I had a word for “the leadership” (the ban of umbrella men). So I flew to Indiana. At an appropriate time I shared with them the exposure that God had given of “our stream”. I told them to judge it. However, they tried to ignore me. I wouldn’t be ignored. Then two of the “umbrella men”, called apostles took me into a room. I knew what was coming. They said, “Jerry, we don’t see you as one of the ‘church fathers'”. I smiled, because I didn’t see them as ‘church fathers’ either. I said, “I’ve done what our Father wanted me to do, and if someone could drive me to the airport, I’m ready to leave”. Some of our very dear friends: brothers and sisters are still a part of that prisoner of war camp. I’ve actually spoken to many, but they seemly only to patronize me. Some have called me a seer, but I believe many would like to stone me. God has told me just to love them. It’s a picture that I have continued to see over the years; the bride–for the most part–is asleep.

  6. There are many problems in the church; that is why there is a church so we can come together seeking to be like-minded and single in purpose; to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The umbrella men of the world need church and need those around them who will love them but refuse to tolerate their insolence.
    Pray, love and stay strong in the faith.

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