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Probably like most of you who are reading this blog, I have been on a life-long search to discover what the “Church” is supposed to be.  Over the years, my goal has changed as my mentality has been altered by revelations of who God is and what He is truly after!  I have by no means arrived or attained at some special spiritual level but I have grown and matured to the place where I understand that Father wants us to love Him and love one another.  So, Church for me is no longer a destination and “how to” do church is not the thing.  Church has become for me the precious People with whom I get to enjoy on this journey in knowing Him!

I had an interesting weekend.  In Uncovering the Umbrella Man, I shared some things from my past experience in “church”.   If you read the two separate posts, I think you will be able to notice some differences.  I think that Saturday’s events were a set up for Sunday’s experience and Father’s way of reminding me of some things.  Anyways, on Sunday, I had a glimpse of the Church………..and it was heavenly!

I joined in on a gathering here in the McKinney community.  It was good to be with brothers/sisters. In total, there were about 15 people at the gathering.  As we sat around in fellowship with one another just catching up on life events, I received a phone call from a young brother in Mumbai, India.  He called me to tell me about some transitions going on in his life and how that Father is opening doors for him.  He asked me to pray for him about some things.  So, I put him on speaker phone and introduced him to the Body that was gathered.

We passed the phone around and the brothers/sisters began to pray for and minister to the brother in India.  Some of them did not even know him which only made it better when the prophetic words and blessings starting coming forth.  As the phone called ended, you could hear the brother weeping and saying “thank you” and how much the ministry meant to him.

Pretty cool, huh?  I think so.  There was a day back in my “pentecostal/charismatic” days where that kind of thing would’ve given me Holy Ghost goose bumps!  Now, experiencing that sort of thing simply brings tears (the good kind) and a deep reverence to Father’s presence amongst us.

Well, that was just the beginning of our time together.  Let me list some things that occurred during the rest of our time together and in no particular order.

  • Someone asked about the young brother in India and how we came to know him.  So, my wife, Misty told the story how that Father brought her into connection with him through her business.  Conversation about “living” and “being” in Him ensued throughout the group.
  • A young brother gave testimony regarding his process of repentance (mentality changing) from being an orphan to being a son over the last year and a half and how Father has orchestrated things in his job situation and relationships to bless him, position him and enrich his life!  The Body laid hands on his wife and blessed her and the child that is now forming in her womb.
  • A brother gave an incredible teaching through a set of golf clubs illustrating the differences of their make up and function yet their unity in composition and purpose.  The picture of the many-membered Body of Christ was poignant and relevant!  Discussion regarding function in the Body of Christ versus positional/title followed.
  • We prayed for specific needs for local and non-local brothers/sisters and communities! Bringing the names of people we know and do not know before Father and asking Him to perform His purposes in their lives and situations.
  • Some distinctions were made between Old Testament and New Testament faith/function through spontaneous, interactive discussion.
  • A young 6 year old grand-daughter asked the Body to pray because she keeps having bad dreams about her and her mother having a bad accident.  The young lady who is pregnant went and knelt before the child and led her through the 91st Psalm.  Eventually, the Body began to declare that, “God is my safe place!”  The 6 year old caught the idea of what was being said and she ultimately made the declaration out loud!
  • The father of a family (who was gathering with us for the first time) broke down in tears and shared that his 10 year old son also suffered from a similar situation in having bad dreams about harm coming to their family and how that the ministry to the 6 year old ministered to them.  The father then shared how he now saw and understood the difference between “sitting in church” and the Body being able to function.  Prayer and ministry was offered for their family.
  • The group dispersed to go about their day.  Some off to meet up with other family members; some off together for lunch and more time together.

Understand, this isn’t all that transpired.  It is all that I could remember.  I actually had to leave before it was over to tend to a business issue.

What cannot be explained or described is the atmosphere/environment of love, humility and honoring one another that was resident.  Absent of personal agendas and free from religious constraints, the Body assembled together was able to flow in the Homothumadon of the Kingdom!  It is always incredibly encouraging to experience such a corporate expression of Christ, not just in “gatherings” but in relationships as life is walked out together.

The glory of God is to be seen and displayed in the midst of community and as the saints are equipped to function in Christ’s grace, Father is revealed more and more!  My prayer for you is that you have opportunity to experience the life, love and fullness of such a corporate expression!

Keep your peace!


4 thoughts on “Searching

  1. Hey bro,
    i love it when the church functions as the church! i bet it was a “father” pleasing day, seeing all of his children flowing and ministering in rhythem. So let me ask you when beleivers are not a part of a community functioning together under the leadership of the Holy Spirit what would you call that? the reason i’m asking is so many are fed up with “church”- mainline, charasmatic, pentecostal, apostalic, non-denom etc…that they are pulling away under the gise of ridding themselves of religion. what would be your solution to this issue, many of them are leaders who feel the need to be lone rangers.
    Stay peace and we love you both,

    • Hey D, one of the main things that has to occur is a stripping down of our mentality as to what church is and an installation of what Church is in Father’s mind. Jesus simply stated “where two or three of you are gathered in my name there I am in the midst of you”. So, church is not in quantity as our current religious systems portray…..Church is about quality…..containing and functioning in the quality of Christ’s nature….two or more transacting the grace of Christ! Location is not vital to Church… can occur anywhere at any time….. and the most poignant expressions are not planned. Well, at least not planned by us. The Spirit governs the Church.

      The solution to the issue you describe in your comment above is accurate, Christ-like apostolic and prophetic functioning where connections are made and relationships are formed and community established. Discipleship is a must in deconstructing our mentalities and getting the values, function and unbiblical principles out of former “leaders” who operated in that system so that they can begin understand what Father is after. To want to be a “lone ranger” is not to understand what happens in a born again experience and how that we have all received the SAME Spirit of Christ; therefore, the natural desire is to long to be in proper relationship with other members.

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