SGM Detox Episode #5: Transparency and False Humility


I had the privilege this past Saturday to join a broadcast with two brothers from Charlotte, North Carolina. Vince Coakley, who hosts a broadcast on and Dr. Steve Crosby have dedicated a broadcast each week to those who have suffered harm from involvement with a group called Sovereign Grace Ministries. I will allow you to do your own Google search on that one.

This series of broadcasts are vital, not just for those brothers/sisters who are exiting or still entangled in toxic church situations but all Believers who are serious in seeking the Kingdom really need to hear what these two brothers are saying. I’ve listened to all the previous episodes thus far (easy for you to do since they are archived at Vince’s site) and it was a privilege to participate in this episode. You can listen or download the broadcast here

Keep your peace!


6 thoughts on “SGM Detox Episode #5: Transparency and False Humility

    • Well, JRR, from what I’ve read of your writings and the fact that you re-posted ‘Super Pastor’, I don’t think you are of the same spirit as the group mentioned. I think the ‘Revolution’ on the end shows that too!

      I see you are in Bolivar. Have relationships with precious brothers/sisters in Spgrfld and Bolivar. Maybe we will get to connect one day when I’m up there! Peace!

      • I’d love to touch base and enjoy God’s grace together if you’re near the Bolivar area. I’ve been here almost 18 years so its likely that I know some of the same people you do. Anytime brother. I’ve always got a pot of coffee on and a willingness to meet people.

      • Coffee!?!?!?!?!?! Did you say….coffee!?!?!?!?!!? I’m in! Oh yeah, and the whole ‘enjoy God’s grace together’ thing is good too! 😉

      • Ha!! I have a Keurig coffee machine I’ve affectionately named “Katie” and there’s always vino on hand for the evening. Looking forward to meeting you next time you come near.

  1. Just finished listening to the interview. wow. Bryon you have blessed the socks off me so many times with your wisdom. I can also say that my interaction with you and the Forerunner ministry has been an answer to prayer. I fight back tears*

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