It will be seen…

It will be seen that it is not a matter of substituting another and better system for an old and poor or bad one. Some people seem to think that it is all, or largely, a matter of the order, technique, and form, and if we returned to the “New Testament” form or order of churches, all would be well. The fact is that, while certain things characterized the New Testament churches, the New Testament does not give us a complete pattern according to which churches are to be set up or formed! There is no blue-print for churches in the New Testament, and to try to form New Testament churches is only to create another system which may be as legal, sectarian and dead as others. Churches, like the Church, are organisms which spring out of Life, which Life itself springs out of the Cross of Christ wrought into the very being of believers. Unless believers are crucified people, there can be no true expression of the Church.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: Things Which Will Be Shaken

I received this via email early this morning from a dear sister who lives in Israel.  I have been aware of this statement by Sparks for quite a while now but it was good to get a refresher!  In a post earlier this year, Life Produces Form, I shared how Father went to great efforts to reveal to us that rehashing existing forms or systems is not what He is after.  Much like He did with Abraham, Father is calling Seekers today to leave what they have known and follow after Him! The things He has ALREADY prepared for us, we have not seen or heard; neither have they entered our hearts!  He is preparing a People who will learn to ENTER into the things He has prepared for His People!  Seek on, Seeker!  


3 thoughts on “It will be seen…

  1. Great quote! We always seem to mistake a form of Godliness with being sons. It’s like me having $1000 golf clubs, fancy bag, styling golf apparel and all the gadgets but still swinging the club like a rusty gate! Follow Him!

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