Listening to Love

love neverYou learn a significant amount of things by listening.  People speak out of the abundance of their heart and it is revealing.  There are various avenues we could take in pursuing that thought but I would like to zero in on one specific topic.

I was listening to a young man share his heart the other night.  Because I have relationship with this young brother, I have heard him share along the same lines before.  This time, I listened intensely.  He described certain situations and circumstances in his life.  He expressed emotions and the underlying sentiments relating to those emotions.  He spoke of plans and ideas he would like to implement in order to correct the issues in his life.

There was quite a bit of white noise and static in the things he was expressing which hid the truth of what he was actually saying.  But, when he said it,….. I heard it.

“I don’t even love myself.”  There it was!  Everything that he was expressing was related to that true heart condition.

Those of us that were present had a great conversation.  Other young brothers ministered wisdom, encouragement and exhortation to him and we concluded with a sweet time of prayer.

On the way home, I considered what I had heard.  I have come to the conclusion that the adversary has done a number on the average believer and that the majority of believers operate from the same place as that young man.  They do not truly love themselves.

Such a paradigm is devastating to the purposes of Father in your life.

Let’s start with John 3:16, shall we?  We all know what He did…………He gave His only begotten Son for us.  Why did He do it?  Because He loved.  Furthermore, I John 4:8 reveals that …..”God is Love.”  Love is His very Nature.  He exists as Love.  The important thing to keep in mind here is that the first part of that verse tells us that, “whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”  So, if “you” is the “whoever” not loving (even yourself)  it shows that you do not KNOW God as accurately as you should.

By His design, it is natural for a born again believer to partake of His very Nature, which is Love.  It is the reason for our redemption.  To be loved and to be Love to others, an expression of His Love in full representation and radiance, is the primary purpose for being His sons.  Look, we all get hung up on other things…………..the glory!; the power!; the authority!; the presence!  Take your pick or add your favorite.  But if we do not start with His Love and accept His Love and AGREE WITH HIM ABOUT OURSELVES IN HIS LOVE, we continue to strive as orphans to religiously achieve something in and through ourselves to make Him love us.

Listen, I know……self-hatred is perhaps the most insidious and pervasive problem we all have. The adversary has projected that on to us and it is the bedrock of the fallen nature.  Self-hatred underlies most addictive conduct and rules most relationships. It can serve as the spiritual root for sickness and diseases that manifest in our bodies.

At the base of self-hatred is a sense of deep unworthiness and the true wickedness of not loving ourselves is that religious people weave it together with their “faith”.  All you have to do is read when the prodigal son comes home to the father and tries to convince the father to hire him back as a slave rather than approach the father as a son.  Better yet, just look around at religious people who are so busy “doing” something for Father in order to mask their deficiency of “being” in Him.

Satan begins in the womb to plant seeds of self-hatred.  He hates you.  His objective is to kill, steal and destroy.  And, if he can keep you from loving yourself the way that Father loves you, he is successful in keeping you from partaking fully of Father’s Nature and, actually, enslaves you to partake of his nature.  The power of the New Covenant is that it is based on the prevailing Love of Father; NOT man’s performance in order to be accepted.  While we were yet sinners, God commended His Love towards us and sent Christ to die for us.  His Love for you does not start when you accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Through your conversion, you simply become aware of His Love that was there the whole time.  Most believers can accept His Love for the initial conversion from sin into sonship but very few fully accept His Love, change the way they think about themselves and enter the fullness of His Love…………..partaking freely of and becoming Love.

Let me lay some truth on you!

In times past, before Christ, you lived according to the ways of this world and according to the prince of the power of the air. But, God, who is your Father, is rich in mercy and He loved you greatly even while you were dead in your sins.  Now, He has made you truly alive together with Christ and has raised you up to sit together in heavenly places in Christ!  So, now that Christ dwells in your heart by faith, you can BE ROOTED AND GROUNDED IN LOVE and come to know the breadth, length, depth and height of the love of Christ which passes mere head knowledge and be fulled with ALL the FULLNESS OF GOD!  (these are His words……..not merely mine!)

Father’s intention for you is that you should be holy and without blame before Him in love!  He determined that before the foundation of the world and He has been moving according to that plan ever since.  And, He isn’t about to stop now.  We simply have to come to the reality of the truth and repent!  We have to stop listening to the adversary’s perspective about ourselves and stop agreeing with him.  We must learn to listen to what Father says about us and learn to come into agreement with Him!

My prayer for you is that you draw nigh to Father and ask Him to forgive you for self-hatred.  Ask Him to reveal His love for you and then repent………….change the way you think about yourself over to what He thinks about you.  Ask Him to perfect you in His love. Study His love in the scriptures.  Use the paragraphs about His love above as declarations to speak over your life and during your prayer time. Remember, You learn a significant amount of things by listening.  God, just like people, speaks out of the abundance of His heart and it is revealing!  Focus on His love for you and coming to accept His love for you.  All the transformative power of the New Covenant begins there.

Keep your peace!


3 thoughts on “Listening to Love

  1. Excellent word Brian, and much needed.
    There is a counselor that lives in our area who wrote a book about inner healing, he has several chapters online – one of which deals with this very subject. We need to learn to listen to our “self-talk” and emotions to key in on areas where we are not in agreement with God about ourselves.

    Thought you and your other readers may want to check it out – it is freeing indeed.


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