A Triad of Fatherly Goodness!

Misunderstood Father

Excuse my silliness with the title for this post.  I’m just a little bit giddy.  Yesterday was a good day!  Let me explain.

I received 3 phone calls yesterday from young brothers who have come to realize Father’s love for them in greater ways!

It doesn’t get much better, as far as I am concerned.

It has taken over two years for the seeds sown in the life of the first young man to come to fruition.  He has been struggling lately with being unemployed, marital issues and self-worth due to past experiences.  Even though he has been in a wilderness experience, it is amazing to see how the seeds of Father’s Love have grown in what would, in the natural, be considered an unproductive environment.

He rang my phone yesterday and exclaimed, “I get it now!  Father loves me and makes me His righteousness!  I don’t stand before Him on my own!”  He expressed a sense of freedom and a release of burden

On its face, that may not be a revelation to some, as many give mental ascent to imputed righteousness as a doctrine but to really understand that truth and apply it to your life requires a deep work of the Spirit of Sonship.  I rejoice with my brother that he has entered into such a place in Father’s Love.  I’m sure all things, even those natural things with which he is dealing, looks a little different to him now.

The second brother, while well-seasoned in ministry, has come to the realization that his value is not based upon his performance in “doing” for God in order to gain love and acceptance.  As he is transitioning and being released into new opportunities, he called me to express such an incredible release of a false burden of performance  and a powerful sense of rest and peace in Father’s Love.  Much like Christ, in whose anointing he shares, this brother is hearing the voice of Father saying, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”

Such affirmation came from the value Father had in his heart for His Son, not based upon the Son’s performance because he had done nothing except submit to baptism.  It was precisely that affirmation of love and acceptance that empowered the Son to do the work of Father in the earth and accomplish His purposes.  That Spirit of Sonship is the basis of all New Covenant function and, when accepted and experienced by new covenant believers, empowers them to be about the Father’s will and not merely offering up offerings and sacrifices thought to please Him.

I rejoice with this brother in his rest and peace produced by Father’s Love!  I stand by, eager to see what Father does in him and through him as he moves in faith and led by the Spirit of Sonship.  He is in such a strong position as he moves forward in the things Father has already prepared for him to enter into.

Finally, the third young brother communicated the following via text yesterday:

I’m guilty of the sin of the older brother.  Guilty!  The older brother was angry at the father not because of the father’s goodness alone.  He was angry at the father because he (the son) was good. (I’ve worked hard for you and served you)

He expected the father to bless him because he (the son) had served so well.

I’m very guilty of that spirit. Thinking that because I had served and sacrificed and stood for Him in tough circumstances that I should have special privilege.

Neither son wanted the father.  They wanted his provision.  I’ve become angry at him, man.  This is why. Just like the older brother.

I am repenting. I want Father. He’s good. I want to know Him.  Gonna pray for a while.  Love ya, man.

Hey, try to go to sleep after receiving that one late in the night!

I’ve said it before and will continue to say it.  Most believers live their lives based upon false accusations against God and never come to KNOW God as He truly wants to be known……as Father.  Because we are self-centered by fallen nature and like the thought of redemption so much, we will take a passage of scripture and entitle it, The Parable of the Prodigal Son.  All the while the true meaning of the passage is that God’s children, whether in the house or out of the house, don’t really know Him and should really be entitled, The Misunderstood Father.

This particular younger brother is shedding the form, function and fallacies of his past, both his natural past and even his past in Christ.  He is truly coming into his place in the Kingdom.  Father has been at work in him and through him for the past several years and coming to repentance on such a critical issue in his relationship with Father is huge!  Can you imagine the joy and pleasure Father has in him as a son because he is willing to deal with such a devastating obstacle in their relationship.  In releasing his anger towards Father and the accompanying self-entitlement, this young brother in the Kingdom will embrace Father as he never has before!  It is in that intimate embrace when Father whispers His thoughts of provision, purpose and plans.

I rejoice with this young brother as he takes authority over the snares and schemes of the enemy that are designed to separate him from Father’s true heart!

So, you see why it was a good day yesterday.  It was made very apparent to me that Father is turning the hearts of his children to Him!  It is what Father is doing in the earth!

If you haven’t done so yet, I would encourage you to read/listen/meditate on the content represented by the links below.  It is all very encouraging and will benefit you greatly as you pursue Father!

Keep your peace!

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