the turningI’ve been extremely blessed to observe many spiritual phenomena in my brief life span.  I won’t provide a list or anything but, obviously, the greatest is seeing people initially receive the Gospel and become born again.  Over the past few years, I have been so enriched by being positioned to view what I believe to be one of the most relevant and amazing happenings in my life time.  I’m talking about fathers turning their hearts to sons and sons responding in turning their hearts to fathers.

I’m not speaking necessarily of natural father and sons.  If anything, the epidemic of fatherless-ness is only increasing and running rampant.  Fathering is in such decline now that the only remedy, much like the rest of worldly ills, will be of a spiritual nature.  And, what I have seen and experience over the past few years is an encouraging sign that Father is definitely at work turning hearts in accurate ways.

Now, I am not speaking of weird spiritual fathering stuff.  Just like anything else you will find in the realm of “christianity”, there are some sad examples of spiritual fathering being portrayed.  In his book, Father-Son Ministry, my brother Stephen Crosby makes it plain in the way he is gifted to do:

In atmospheres where father-son methods are practiced apart from a Calvary culture of death to self, resurrection, and mutuality, it’s very common for Jesus to get lost in the house of His friends. That is, the so-called spiritual father, the patriarch, becomes the centrality and the focus of the ministry. All questions must be addressed to the father. All activities must be structured for the father. All honor must go to the father. All submission is due the father.    

Yeah, that’s not what I am talking about experiencing.  Crosby continues:

The true essence of spiritual fatherhood is to make oneself insignificant for the benefit of others, not demand, require, or illicitly enjoy, a place of centrality.

Now…………that’s what I’m talkin’ about!  (High five to Crosby!)

I’ve seen it on many, dynamic occasions.  I’ve even had the privilege of participating in such incredibly, spiritual significant encounters.    I’ve seen literally years of “stuff” resolved and dispelled from brother’s lives in the course of one exchange. The effect it has on both parties involved, the father and the son, is staggering. The affirmation that the son gets from the father and the significance that the father gets from the son is holy.  The depth at which the Spirit moves in such a connection is awe-inspiring.

The value of a spiritual father cannot be understated if it functions accurately according to Father’s heart.  Out of all the ways in which God could have revealed Himself, the manner in which He selected was through the dynamic of a Father-Son relationship.  It is a significant truth  and its demonstration has been missing in the Body of Christ for a long time.

A dear brother of mine by the name of Brad Burk told me of an experience related to him by another who lived out in West Texas.  He was a young man who had inherited a farm that had been passed down multi-generatinally.  When the young man inherited the farm after his father passed away, he struggled for a few years in raising crops and operating the farm.  Eventually, the young man sold the farm.

He told Brad the reason why he gave up the farm.  “My father left me all of the stuff but he never took the time to give me the heart for the farm.”

Generational transfer is vital in the advance of Father’s Kingdom. We’ve been able to hand down the stuff…….i.e. doctrine(s), theology, systems, methods, etc., as well as all of the minutia that goes with it,  to the following generations but the time has come to give the heart, Father’s heart, to those generations that follow.

Father has already transitioned His administration of His dealings in the earth.  The revealing of the Father’s House and matured sons in His House living and abiding under His authority is the manner in which He is going to bring this age to an end.  I’m grateful that I am seeing fathers begin to turn their hearts; elder, wiser men who have walked out their lives with revelation and understanding and have not yet achieved the fullness of what Father spent a lifetime revealing.  They walked through the heartaches of devastating “church” experiences doing what they knew to do, took the hits, kept the faith and have pioneered in the Way of the Kingdom. They are beginning to turn their hearts to the successive generations who are clamoring to find them.

Father has worked an incredibly significant work in them and transformed them by the renewing of their minds so that they can find the true and perfect will of God for their lives……..to be fathers that turn their hearts to sons!  Their desire is not to be an exalted father but, rather, a multiplied father.  And, for that desire to be instilled in them requires death to the thought of their own “legacy” and agenda.  The development of Father’s heart in them compels them to turn their heart and release all it contains.  Such a demonstration of death/resurrection is devastating to satanic forces and provides footing for Father to transcend generations.  It is, indeed, an awesome spectacle to behold!

That’s enough for now.  Perhaps, one day soon, I will be able to write about the sons responding by turning their hearts.

Keep your peace!


7 thoughts on “Turn!

  1. Hi Bryon
    I recently ordered and read the father/son writing by Mr. Crosby and between the both of you I understand this Father-son ministry much better. I pray the sons turn their hearts.

  2. It seems as if this is the day and hour God is bringing the principle of fathers to the forefront. Just today I read more blog posts on this very theme than I have for years.

    You nail it. Spiritual fathers are no shepherds of the shepherding movement, but that movement is no reason to not have true spiritual fathers.

    I have one desire for all my sons – for them, not for me – that I one day can announce proudly: This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. Do as he tells you to.

  3. Bryon, I copied and pasted this last sentence from your article, “Perhaps one day soon, I will be able to write about the sons responding by turning their hearts.” Yes, I believe Father will give you further insight and this writing will come forth. I have such an appreciation for you young brothers as Stephen Crosby and yourself being able to express so well what you hear the Holy Spirit is saying.

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