Sons and Brothers

Brothers with our precious hosts George and Janell!

Brothers with our precious hosts George and Janell!

I had the distinct privilege of spending this past weekend in a wonderful place with wonderful people.

Several young men accompanied me down to Brenham, Texas for about 36 hours of intense “being together with Father”!  It was awesome!

I’ve had the honor of being in relationship and discipling these young men for a while now.  We have opened up our lives to one another to varying degrees and depths as we pursued Father together.  So, as we prepared for this weekend together, I just prayed that Father’s purposes would unfold for the weekend and that He would be glorified in our midst. Other than the tons of food we would be eating together, nothing much else was scripted.

I also invited a dear brother, Brad Burk, who operates in dynamic and clear fathering grace to go with us.  Waiting for us all to arrive in Brenham were such precious people, George and Janell, along with son-in-law, David, who opened up their lives and beautiful farm to us for this particular gathering.  From the moment we set foot on the property, you could tell that we were stepping into a time together orchestrated by the Spirit.

I won’t go into details about the weekend because, honestly, I hold it as sacred.  But, in the midst of all the eating, laughing, sharing, crying  and praying, I saw young brothers who are becoming steadfast brothers in the Father’s House and mature men of God.  Mostly, I sat back and just observed them.  Listening to them share their hearts transparently as they explained LIFE lessons learned over the past few months.  I watched them as they flowed in the power of the Spirit ministering to one another in a group setting and in one-on-one conversations.  They served one another both in practical ways and in spiritual ways.  Gifts and graces of Christ were expressed in very tangible, meaningful ways as we enjoyed an incredible environment of love and acceptance.  brenham1

I can tell you that it was a significant occurrence!  I know where these brothers have been.  I know their stories. I know what they are currently facing in their lives.  I know them!  And, to see them function in this way is an amazing testimony to the Christ that they have allowed to be developed in them!  It was beyond encouraging to hear them express Christ in their own unique manner and, all the while, know that they are speaking out of the truth of their existence.  They have been transformed and they are continuing to be transformed.

What emerged over the course of the weekend was the birthing of some relationships and the solidifying of others.  Despite race, religious background or personal past history, they have all learned to partake of and share in the Spirit of Sonship and give the proper love, honor and estimation of their brothers.  This wasn’t a manufactured “men’s ministry” or a hyped up discipleship program.  I’ve been involved in many of those.  This was raw, relationship-based,  Spirit-led love for the brotherhood and, by testimony of the brothers involved, it was life-changing!

I stated in a previous post, Turn!

Father has already transitioned His administration of His dealings in the earth.  The revealing of the Father’s House and matured sons in His House living and abiding under His authority is the manner in which He is going to bring this age to an end.  I’m grateful that I am seeing fathers begin to turn their hearts;

In continuing that particular thought, might I add that I am so blessed to see sons turning their hearts in response!  Because of their willingness to respond accurately to spiritual fathers who are reaching out in purity to them, these young brothers, who are becoming/being sons, are not far from emerging as fathers to the generations coming up behind them.  Their homes/marriages, their spheres of influence and the lives that they touch are poised to receive a revelation of Father’s Love through them.  I see an acceleration of Christ being formed in them that surpasses my own personal experience.  It is awesome to behold!

The type of occurrence which I have described to you in this post is not isolated to this past weekend or solely to people that I know.  Father is breaking out everywhere with these types of expressions in those who are willing to release what they have known and enter into the Father’s Household.  Humility is required to do so.  Repentance is the first step.

Keep your peace!


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