Peace in Resistance

RESISTANCELately, I’ve been going through a bit of a personal metamorphosis.  It has been extremely interesting because it started internally.  I’ve had some major adjustment in my spirit man, some major paradigm shifts in my mentalities and now it seems to have spilled over to my physical body.

There were some things “off” in my physical body and they have been brought into proper alignment.  As a result, I am experiencing increased vitality and even desiring (and enjoying) physical exercise. I don’t know how long it has been since I felt that way.

Through the course of engaging in exercise, Father has been speaking to me regarding the Body and the importance of RESISTANCE.

I realize the fact that resistance causes the body to become stronger is no fresh, mind-blowing revelation!  But, as Father has been speaking to me about the (corporate) Body and local Bodies, He has shown me something that I believe to be of great significance and I feel prompted to share with you.

As I stated, the benefits of resistance training for the physical body are common knowledge.  Resistance raises metabolism, increases strength, posture and balance, combats the effects of aging and puts you in a good mood.  Yet, despite having the facts, truth and knowledge about exercise, the average person DOES NOT have the discipline to submit themselves to resistance training in order to OBTAIN THE BENEFITS THAT THEY KNOW RESISTANCE PROVIDES!

Here’s what I would like to share.  When it comes to spiritual resistance, people are forced to deal with it!  You’re dealing with it now.  There are issues, problems, obstacles, there’s something that is resisting you from advancement in some area of your life.  Immature believers will acknowledge the resistance and beg, plead, bargain and negotiate with Father in order for Him to miraculously remove it.

Newsflash……………………..that is NOT what Father has planned.  He is more interested in your DEVELOPMENT than in your DELIVERANCE! You see, the truth is that you have already been delivered.  What He must do now is teach you and train you to be led by the Spirit as a mature son to enter into the fullness of the things He has already prepared for you.  It goes back to Father’s original intention of maturing sons to rule and reign with Him through all eternity rather than making sure we just live a happy-go-lucky-life here on the earth.

In Romans 5, my brother Paul encourages the proper attitude regarding resistance WHEN, not if, it comes:

Moreover [let us also be full of joy now!] let us exult and triumph in our troubles and rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that pressure and affliction and hardship produce patient and unswerving endurance.

And endurance (fortitude) develops maturity of character (approved faith and tried integrity).

And character [of this sort] produces [the habit of] joyful and confident hope of eternal salvation.

Okay.  Question.  Is that your mental state as you find yourself right in the middle of a big old messy puddle of resistance?  Probably not.  So, do yourself a favor, won’t ya?  Repent!  Change the way you think about resistance.  You are experiencing it anyway…….gain the maximum benefit from it!

Listen, I know it has probably been a looooooooooooong time!  Years!  It’s always been that way; it’s always gonna be that way……

You’re making my point for me.  Until you come into agreement with Father’s thoughts about the resistance you face, you have doomed yourself to unduly exist with the resistance.  When you repent and begin to think appropriately about the resistance and adjust your attitude from a “woe-is-me victim” over to a child of God, you will be surprised at how your perspective and situation changes.  Because, what you will realize is that it is YOU being transformed.  Resistance isn’t because you are being punished for your sins.  You are being dealt with as a son and Father is desiring to develop your character to be Christ-like.  The resistance produced by situation/circumstance is temporal.  Father’s work in you is eternal!  (2 Corinthians 4:17)

One of the defining characteristics of the Spirit of Sonship is having spiritual vision and insight to see Father in all things!  When you are “born again” out of Him as your Source, one of the main reasons is so that you can “consider yourselves also dead to sin and your relation to it broken, but alive to God [living in unbroken fellowship with Him] in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 6:11; emphasis added)  If you have the realization that, as His child, you are alive to Him and in unbroken fellowship with Him, you will learn that His Nature in you will proactively seek His Presence in every situation and circumstance that confronts you .  His promise was that He would never leave nor forsake us.  He is true to His Word.  He is there and His desire is to strengthen you, form you and empower you as His son so that you overcome the resistance; not just tolerate it or succumb to it or work out a deal with Him to deliver you!

One final thought.  What I’ve just tried to describe to you above is also taking place on a corporate basis.  Father is actually using resistance to cause us to get beyond all the religious foolishness we use to divide ourselves and begin to come together.  This fusion is occurring on a seemingly small scale at the moment but as the spirit of this age continues to mount resistance to accurate expressions of Christ in the earth, we will only see true unity, unity of the Spirit, emerge like never before.

There are some things that resist us that cannot be overtaken on an individual basis; the power and authority of a corporate expression is required.  That is why it is necessary for such things as “bearing one another’s burdens” and “confessing our faults to one another.”  As we become transparent and align ourselves with what Father is truly after, we will build relationally recognizing our dire need for one another.  When brothers live together in authentic unity, Father commands His life and blessing there.

Keep your peace!


5 thoughts on “Peace in Resistance

  1. Yes and Amen. Every reference to “victory” in Christ in the nt is in the past tense. We don’t need to beg, plead, cajole, sing, or shout for God to “give us the victory. ” We need to appropriate present reality.

    • Indeed, SC! And we certainly don’t need merchandisers promising “breakthroughs” by sowing $$$ into their anointing. May Father continue to free His People and bring them to maturity!

      • Excellent point! It’s kind of like these guys who are doing that are selling deliverance, healing, and victory over circumstances. The bottom line is that the power of God is available to all of His children. All they really have to do is trust God on the basis of who He is, and what He’s able to do in their lives by taking His promises found within His Word at face value.

  2. Bryon, that was well written. So that’s the reason that I go to the gym? Just “joshing”. Seriously! As I have exercised, I’ve realized that my mind is being brought into harmony with my body.

    David Newby sent out two emails: April 27 & May 11th. I copied these emails to word and highlighted both of them. I responded to him that I saw the life in these, and that I would get back to him. I’ve carried these around in my briefcase and looked at them occasionally. I haven’t been able to connect the dots, until I read this morning what you wrote about “resistance”. David is living this life of “resistance”, and the emails are full of the Word that shows it. Truly, “every joint supplies”.

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