He Can Be Known!

I’m learning more and more that our Heavenly Father isn’t playing a spiritual game of ‘Hide-n-Seek’ with us.  His desire is to be known……always has been…….always will be.

Romans, chapter 1 tells us that all of creation is a revelation of who He is.  Driving through the Blue Mountain range in Pennsylvania the last couple of days has served to remind me that He is evident and He is glorious!

But the more of Him I see, the more I realize that He is seen/revealed in and through His People most of all.   Yes, of course, I’m speaking of those “saints” whom I know but, you know what……..if you learn to look for Him, He can also be seen and heard through just about anybody.

In a previous post , I suggested that Father always pretty much destroys ideas and paradigms in our perceptions of who He is, especially those that limit Him or are inaccurate.  I’ve learned to some degree and continue to learn in a greater way that He can be seen in awesome ways in unexpected ways and through unexpected people.

I think if we would focus on knowing people after the spirit rather than viewing, judging and perceiving them after the flesh, we would gain a much broader, fuller and glorious revelation of who Father truly is!

keep your Peace!


One thought on “He Can Be Known!

  1. Knowing the lost person after the Spirit is to be led by and walk in the Spirit. After all, Christ knew, did & spoke nothing but according to the Spirit as Father led Him. I’m sad to say that in the past, too often, I have known the lost person according to the flesh. But Father has revealed and taught me much about knowing everyone and all creation after the Spirit. Is this not having the mind of Christ?

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