A Mystery To Be Revealed……Not Figured Out

NEW MANI love local assemblies.  I particularly appreciate the ones where the individual believers are equipped and free to express the wholeness of the Christ as a corporate body.  However, I’m not just talking about when they are gathered in one location. I am talking more about living together in community within the Kingdom regardless of geographical location.

The further I progress down this road I am on, the more I realize that my set    expectations, definitions and even experiences of what the Body of Christ is serves only as limitations to what the Body of Christ actually is in Father’s mind.

For that, I repent!  I want my mind to be changed and His to be revealed!

I am blessed.  I have seen glimpses of His reality in what I have known and experienced. Since leaving standard forms and structures of “church”, I have seen and experienced incredible expressions of God’s Life, Love and Nature. It is His goodness revealed in such ways that causes my repentance.  However, the riches of Christ are unsearchable.  That does not mean that they cannot be known….it simply means that they are inexhaustible.  I think we can all agree that we are not anywhere close to exhausting His reality in what we have known as “church”.  You see, it is Christ that is driving this thing……and something that calls itself “church” and does not continue to reveal Christ in the earth and universe, well, such a thing doesn’t even exist is God’s mind.

According to God’s thinking, “church” was never intended to be something in and of itself  -OR- even a way to “get to God”.  God’s mind never computed a group of people in a particular city rallying around a particular brand of theology and cult of personality, coming up with a catchy name to place over a door of a building and doing things internally according to preference that would isolate the world and even believers who didn’t ascribe to that particular brand.  The further I get away from that craziness the crazier it becomes.  No,  in eternity, God established that Church would be “the fullness of Him that fills all in all.”

The mind of a man is in his head.  So, the mind of the One New Man that Father seeks to reveal is found in its Head, as well.  It is the mind of Christ that is to be predominate and to determine the Body’s function.  One of the main purposes for being born again is to have the capability of the Spirit at work in you so that you can be renewed in the spirit of your mind, continually repent of your preconceived religious notions and eventually come to the mind of Christ!  Such revelation affords you the empowerment of the Spirit to die to yourself, discover your placement in the Body and begin to supply, as well as receive, the necessary life to be built up into Him!

It is sad to say that most believers today are not even aware of such an opportunity afforded to them because they are surrendered to man’s religious techniques of teaching and presented a systematic approach to (insert religion’s name here) “truth”.  In an unquenchable religious zeal to be RIGHT, they forsake the ability in Christ to be RIGHTEOUS or positioned before God accurately that they might obtain the mind of Christ and begin to experience the riches that are only found in Him.

While the religious orders, even though they are well meaning in their intentions, cry for revival, the Kingdom covertly advances in the hearts and lives of those who are seemingly unattached from existing forms and seem insignificant.  There is, however, an undercurrent of apostolic function that is beginning to connect joints and fitting them for supply one to another; locally and globally.  When I compare it to what I have known to be “church”, such experiences far surpass anything I have ever experienced in Life, Love, Presence or Worship!  However, I also realize that where we are NOW may surpass where we have been THEN but it also pales in comparison to where we WILL BE GOING!

Paul stated that we are stewards of the Mystery of Christ. I have to realize that I have not figured out this mystery.  It was never intended for me to do so.  On the other hand, it was intended for Christ to be seeded into me, formed in me and revealed through me on an individual basis but, more importantly, on a corporate basis.  That is why I cannot resolve myself sticking to any particular form/structure that I have known or currently know.  He is greater than what I know.  I am thankful for those who know Him in the same way and are willing to keep moving, living and having their being in Him!  God is AWEsome and His Christ is beautiful!

Keep your peace!



3 thoughts on “A Mystery To Be Revealed……Not Figured Out

  1. Jesus is indeed mysterious and without limit. And so are we when we choose to live in him rather than in the things we have made. The new creation in Christ has unlimited potential. A friend on this journey wrote to me recently ‘Enjoying our caravan and meeting new folk in a van club. Finding Jesus exists outside meetings which is fun.’

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