Send Me Some Info About Your Network?


Misty and I recently spent a few days up in Branson, Mo. with several couples from across the U.S.  We all decided to meet in Branson because it was a somewhat central location.  Some still had to drive further than others in order to be there but the time we spent together was well worth any expense of time and resource to get there.  It was a precious – and I do mean precious – time in the Kingdom!

I would love to take the time to tell you some of the things that transpired while we were there but, honestly, it would take too long and it is  too intimate to broadcast in such a manner.  Suffice it to say, Christ was the center of our time together, despite what we were doing and He was transacted in such a way that lives were encouraged, strengthened and blessed in tremendous ways.  And, while I do love to share things like that, the topic of this post is headed in another direction.

Misty and I had the privilege of taking a dear couple from Texas with us on the 7 hour drive up to Branson.  This couple is a jewel in the Kingdom and very dear to us.  On the course of the journey and while we were there with the others, we had great opportunity to draw on this couple’s years of wisdom and experience in the ways of the Lord.  Priceless!

One of the topics we discussed in depth was the idea of “networks” as they relate to Church, Kingdom, etc.  Due to their far reaching impact in the lives of people across the nations of the world, this couple is often approached via their website, email and personal contact about “covering” others through their “network”.  We laughed together as they explained that they’ve never had a network, nor would they ever have a network.  They just know, love and equip hundreds of people across the planet… strings attached.

We often experience the same type of request from other brothers/sisters both foreign and domestic.  As we discussed the issue among ourselves, we determined that such types of requests stem from well-intentioned people who have a right heart but have been taught wrong things.  The ominous “network” question is a direct result of The Umbrella Man, tied to The False Burden of the Vision Caster and akin to the “Why Haven’t You Started a Church?” question.  Different nuances on the same question but they all stem from a misunderstanding of the Kingdom.

Just the other day, I received an email from a sweet brother who undoubtedly had good intentions and his heart in the right place.  He explained that he has tried other denominations and networks over his tenure in ministry but always came to the ultimate realization that they were not as advertised.  He was hoping that our “network” would be different and he was interested in pursuing membership.  (I’m sitting here giggling and shaking my head)

First of all, I am not sure where he read anything on this blog or heard anything on our website that would cause him to think we have a “network”.  There is mention of relationships with different groups here in North Texas and across the U.S. but there is nothing alluding to a formal, organized “network”.

Beyond that, I thought to myself (and asked the brother in my email response) if you have “tried” all these other things in your past and discovered they were not what you were looking for, why in the world would you want to continue to do the same thing and expect different results?

My point here is that the default “network” mentality has to be broken in the minds and hearts of Father’s People so that the Kingdom can be seen, understood and entered.  Father has been extremely good to us in that He took great pains in breaking that mentality in us several years ago.  It was a liberating day when I discovered that Father is not interested in my organized “network” which tries to encapsulate “what He is REALLY doing in the earth”.

He has a Kingdom – He doesn’t need my “network”.  The basis of relationship/membership in the Body of Christ is not based upon monthly dues paid to some hierarchical system where the anointing flows top-down and the money flows bottom-up!  The basis of relationship/membership in the Body of Christ is the finished work of Christ and the Kingdom is the both the dynamic and framework in which the Church functions.

I carefully selected the word ‘ominous’ to be included in title of this post.  If something is ‘ominous’ it has a threatening aspect which accompanies it.  While many have abandoned “denominations”, they have diverted to “networks”.  While millions have left institutional churches, they have converted to “organic/house” churches.  You say, “to may to”;  I say, “to mah to”.  It’s all the same thing.

The threatening aspect with such a “organizational-based” mentality regarding Father’s work in the earth is that you run the risk of missing the revelation, function and blessing of the Kingdom.

As I always do, I encouraged the brother that emailed me recently, and all the others like him, to seek the Kingdom; not a “network”.

Keep your peace!


8 thoughts on “Send Me Some Info About Your Network?

  1. Sometimes, it is the only language folks know, from the experience they have. They are trying to express a genuine yearning through the filters of bad method and bad language. To me, the language is FAMILY . . . period, no other alternate: hearts renewed and united by a sovereign work of the Spirit, who purposely practice loving each other. I think that’s all we need. Everything else is baggage and window dressing. I know that gives folks very little to “identify,” little to hand a moniker on. At the risk of speaking for the Holy Spirit . . . “Precisely.”

  2. If you have a network, then someone else probably does as well, and so on… Making “networks” divisive. Just a 21 st century “new thing” denomination.

    A family is not divided. There’s one father with sons that may live in different locations. When we come together like we did in Branson, we’re just catching up on what our Father has been up to. Loyalty to one another is very present. Honor is given to those who aren’t asking for it. The older “father type” brothers aren’t trying to rape me for my giftings (oops…that one slipped). The more we introduce people to that type of environment, the less we’ll hear about the cheaper alternatives.

  3. Well said all… Isn’t there a saying something like “We can get out of Egypt but it’s hard to get Egypt out of us.” ??

  4. The only real and true “connections” are made by Holy Spirit. We are even more connected than members of a family-we are the body of Jesus Christ and we need each other! Love how our Father just goes on doing what HE does by connecting us in relationship with others despite the latest greatest “cutting edge” thing that man is trying to network with.

  5. McGowan, you might have slipped, but that is also what I have seen over the years that the older brothers are using the younger generation to promote “their thing”. It’s call “ownership”. “Jesus gave Himself to no man, because He knew what was in them”. Since we are not our own and have been bought with a price, how can we give ourselves to another. We are all brothers and sisters-all member in particular. Good word, tall Texan.

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