Kingdom: It’s a Beautiful Thing!

Mark & Lindsey

Mark & Lindsey

We had an incredible weekend here in North Texas!  We had an opportunity to DO LIFE together as citizens of the Kingdom.  A sweet young girl whom we have known for years somehow grew up into a beautiful young lady and decided to covenantly commit her life/love to a young man in holy matrimony.

To give you the complete history of how we came into relationship with this young lady through relationship with her family would take too long to explain.  Suffice it to say that a Kingdom connection occurred 15 years ago that spans not only time but included the family pulling up stakes and moving across the country to settle here in Texas.

As we were involved in the weekend, I began to consider and observe  all of the interaction between our families and the rest of the brothers/sisters involved in the Kingdom communities that have been established.

Not only were brothers/sisters local to the DFW area involved in the weekend, we were blessed by having a dear couple from the Springfield, Mo. communities drive down for the weekend in order to serve the family and professionally photograph the festivities.  This couple was/is essential in the formation of the community up in Springfield. (You can visit their photography website here.)

There were so many moving parts to the weekend and there was such a fluid motion of the Kingdom involved in all the activities included in a wedding celebration.  But, in the midst of it all, there was a distinct resonance of Kingdom grace, love and authority.

It was amazing to me to see how Father was honored and put forward during the course of events.  As His name was spoken, you gained a sense that it just wasn’t lip service being offered but there was a sense that it was in Him that we were living, moving and having our being!  Not only were words spoken that honored Him but I observed deeds and actions towards people that were filled with His Nature and nurture.  It was as if He were the environment of the celebration.  What a fantastic foundation for Mark and Lindsey to begin their life together!

One of the main things I realized during the weekend was the fruit from the lives of this family celebrating the marriage of their daughter and new son-in-law.  Their effectiveness in revealing Christ to the lives of people outside of what most people would call “church” is such a blessing.  The reach of Christ’s grace extends through them beyond religious limitations and is graciously applied to the lives of those with whom they have relationship.  As they love and genuinely serve from BEING who they are, people are drawn to them in relationship and Christ’s grace/love are administered.  While the application is covert, the reality  and results of it are clearly seen.


Lumberson, Giles & Wiebolds at brunch

Even though we didn’t attend an “official gathering” over the weekend, we were constantly aware of Father’s Presence and blessing on the entire time of fellowship during the weekend.

In addition, you would be surprised by the amount of and effectiveness of ministry that transpires during times like these.  Even though there was no water being turned into wine at the wedding, the flow of the Kingdom during the course of life events is impressive and such a rich blessing to experience.  Christ is transacted in private, intimate conversations.  He is expressed in actions and deeds done towards others.  Prophetic words and encouraging prayers are ministered appropriately to relay Father’s intentions and thoughts.  Gifts are given. Evangelism occurs.  Love and acceptance is exchanged and received.  Encouragement and edification happens.  He seemingly breaks out everywhere as people engage one another.

Such Kingdom expressions flow from the lives of those who have had Christ formed in them, have replaced religious paradigms with a Kingdom mentality and have been released in the freedom of the Spirit to give such expressions.  While things are DONE, the expression originates from the true existence of their BEING in Him and the empowerment to DO is generated and led by the Holy Spirit.  This is why the where/how of structure and form doesn’t matter in the context of the Kingdom.  When you liberate God’s People, the Church, from the confining question of “How do we do church?” and transition them to “How do we exist as the Church?”, the Life of our King flows organically and is a beautiful thing to behold.

Keep your peace!


5 thoughts on “Kingdom: It’s a Beautiful Thing!

  1. Yup, you pretty much summed it up bro. What came to the forefront of my mind as we were leaving town was God is breaking down the religious ways we relate to each other and replacing them with a reality of just ENJOYING one another through laughter, stories, good food, and hospitality. This time the ministry did not come through music, services, or timely preaching, but simply through the love we have for one another and freely sharing the life he has given to us. So liberating!

  2. Yes, such freedom in knowing you don’t need to be “officially” gathered for ministry, for ministry to take place. This is who we are, it is how we live. It is what equipped saints do (eph 4). Yes I know some regions folks will start quoting scripture, assemble yourselves together, even more …..
    I challenge anyone to say that six brothers and sisters in Christ, sitting around a breakfast table, breaking bread together, exchanging the very life of Christ, is not a perfect example of “assemble together”.

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