Kingdom Realities

A dear brother in Ohio by the name of Bryan Corbin presented the following regarding Kingdom.  I greatly appreciate the maturity and well-balanced perspective he offers.  I’m positive you will be blessed as you review his musings.


In recent years I’ve heard a lot of talk about the “Kingdom of God” and of the need to be “Kingdom Minded”. As I’ve prayed and meditated on these things, I’ve sensed the Lord speaking. I’ve included some of those thoughts below:

1. If we are truly becoming more “Kingdom Minded”, our hearts will be increasingly focused on “The King”.

2. If our priority is truly the “Eternal Kingdom”, our focus will be shifting from what is seen to what is unseen.

3. The Lord will continue to grant the peoples wish for an earthly king, but “His Kingdom” will come through those who yearn for “His Lordship”.

4. Revival is birthed in the hearts of God’s people. It is the rekindling of the “Brides” passion for the “Bridegroom”. The outward manifestations that we’ve come to associate with revival only follow this inner stirring. The church’s inability to sustain these outward manifestations is rooted in the absence of this internal work.

5. The work that God has called us to is to believe in the One who He sent (John6:29). While this belief will ultimately compel us to further action, all of our “work” for the Kingdom must be rooted in this.

6. We are not Kingdom Builders. There is a big difference between building a house and moving a house. When we build a house, we choose a site, make our plans and build to suit our desires; but when the house already exists, we must go to where it is and study its design, if it is to arrive intact at its new location. The Kingdom of God already exists and God Himself was the Architect and Builder (Heb. 11:10). God is not interested in some earthly replica of His Kingdom, He means for His Kingdom to come to earth as it already exists in the heavenly realm.

7. We must discern the difference between imagination, inspiration and revelation. Though there is a place for all of these things, the distinction between them is critical.

8. It’s all about relationship. We must understand the difference between associates and friends, business partners and brothers, networks and families, collaboration and covenant, and ultimately between ambition (i.e. personal) and passion (i.e. for the Lord). If we have not love, we have “nothing”.

9. Don’t be impressed by anyone’s resume, because God isn’t. Few could boast an earthly resume as impressive as King Solomon’s; his reign is viewed by many as a pinnacle in Jewish History and yet he was ultimately deemed a failure by God’s standard. His life stands as an example of the dramatic contrast between what the world considers success and what is valuable to God.

10. Beware of those who call themselves Shepherds and yet view sheep as the obstacle to their destiny. Beware of those who claim to be a covering and yet accept no responsibility in the day of trouble. Beware of those who invoke the name of Jesus, but bear no resemblance to Him. The Bible contains numerous warnings pertaining to false teachers (e.g. 2 Peter 2:1), false prophets (e.g. Matt. 24:11), false apostles (Rev. 2:2); and it speaks of our need to discern between those who are serving the Lord and those who are not (Mal. 3:18).

Post originally appeared on Apostolic Alignment.


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