Apostolic and Prophetic Insanity

Strong word of wisdom and insight from Crosby. I’ve had similar experiences as described in his post……and I have a similar disdain for the apostolic/prophetic idiotism perpetrated on the Body of Christ. Its time to mature and try the spirits. Peace!

P.S. that picture is priceless…..


???????If someone you loved dearly was engaged in behavior that was destructive to him self, and others around him, your love would compel you to do an intervention, even if the person didn’t like it.

I’ve been a life-long charismatic believer. I am thankful for my heritage, my tribe, if you will. However, as the years have rolled by my heart has broken as I have watched that heritage drift further and further into self-destructive thinking and practices: intoxicating Gnosticism.

Even the term “charismatic” has been so polluted in popular understanding, that I wish there was an alternative to use.

In my tribe of the family of God, it has reached the point that if anyone shows any passion for a disciplined commitment to the accurate handling of scripture, that person will be called a legalist, a dogmatist, narrow, judgmental, too doctrinal, opinionated, inflexible, hopelessly left-brained, not open to the…

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