Got Milked Lately?

milk cowsEarlier this week, Misty had to go out of town for business and she got up early in the morning to start her journey.  In order to see her off, which means I made her morning iced latte, fed her breakfast and gave her a kiss, I woke up a bit earlier than normal myself.  After she left, I decided I would go and let someone serve me breakfast and coffee; without the kiss, of course.

I thought it would be nice to go and enjoy some espresso and a well prepared breakfast while I spent a little quiet time before officially starting my work day.  So, I went by the Embassy of the Kingdom (Starbucks) and then made my way over to one of my local favs for breakfast.  Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!  This was going to be an enjoyable respite.

AND……………………. it was, until two guys came into the area I was sitting and decided to sit down at the next table over and slightly behind me.  I looked around the room.  There was NO ONE else in it and there were seats/tables all over the place.  Just sitting there.  Available.  Waiting.  But, they decided to sit close to me.

Okay.  Not a problem.  I’m a big boy.  I can handle it.  I felt crowded but I would just focus on my delicious coffee, food and Blue Letter Bible on my Ipad.

As I sat there, NOT wanting to listen to their conversation, they were speaking so loud that I really had no option.  I guess I could have gotten up and moved my location but I had become firmly entrenched in my spot and eaten half way through my breakfast.

Their conversation started:

“So, how was your Sunday?” one of them asked the other.

“Aw, man. We were down.  I am glad that Summer is finally over.  Things’ll pick up.” the other replied.

Sigh!  I turned my head, peered over my shoulder.  Yup!  Pastors.

I could have scripted the conversation from that point because I had been one of those guys in numerous conversations just like that one.  So, I promise you, I did my dead level best to tune them out.  Despite my good intentions, a few moment later, this is what I heard.

“I know they’re suppose to be sheep but they’re more like cattle.  They need to be herded and fed before you can milk ’em.”   (laughter ensues)

Whewwwww!  My special time was now officially ruined!

Now, I want you to understand, contrary to the popular belief of some people who think they know me, I DO NOT go looking for trouble.  I really am a peace maker.  But, I will agree, that there are some times when I speak my mind and heart, when most people would shy away from doing so.  It just depends on the situation, people involved and, most importantly, if I sense the Holy Spirit instructing me to speak.

I turned on them.  I looked over their direction and they saw me.  I felt like Clint Eastwood.  (Wah…wah…..wah…)   I had my spiritual 6 guns loaded and I was ready to draw.  They looked away and their laughter died down.  I was upset and wanted to begin firing.  I was not permitted to draw.

I turned my head.  Tears filled my eyes.

“They were referring to Your People, Father.”  I thought.

I can’t describe the confluence of emotions and attitudes that were whirling around me and through me.  I really wanted to say something.

Listen, WHAT he said is not as important as WHY he said it.  The man spoke such a thing because that is what is in his heart regarding the people he is supposed to be “pastoring”.  I understand the system they are involved in and I am fully aware that it doesn’t work for anybody…….not God, not the people and not the so-called  “pastors“.

Eventually, sorrow and compassion for those two, ummmmmm, brothers (because they are my brothers) overtook any anger or any other emotion I was feeling.  I realized that they are bound to that system and anything I could have possibly said to them, especially in the frame of mind I was currently in,  would not have mattered.  So, I simply left.  I spent the rest of the day praying for them from time to time.  I prayed for them and for the people they shepherd.  I prayed Father would touch them, deal with them and reveal His Love for them. He is better able to do so!

There is a shift, dear reader, that has taken place in the administration of God in the earth.  Father is raising up spiritual fathers  who are more interested in the outcome of God’s People rather than raising up Leaders who are only interested in the income!  Recognition of Father’s House and Family is beginning to take place even though the old guard of religious institution will continue to be propagated.  Father is allowing those, who are willing to move from “church” mentalities into Kingdom mindsets, to truly help His People and not just herd them;  effectively feed them to form Christ in them, not just to fatten them up; eventually mature them for function in the Body of Christ, not just milk them.

My prayer for you is that you have the faith to walk on and realize the Life, Love and Liberty of Father’s House.

Keep your peace!


6 thoughts on “Got Milked Lately?

  1. This is, indeed and alas, too typical. Like a fish in the ocean, some folks don’t know there is even another universe out there to exist in. Folks can be so “en-culturated” to churchianity and it’s values, that good hearts, get contaminated, just like fish passing toxic water through it’s gills. It’s not so much the fish. It’s the toxicity of what they are swimming in.

  2. Bryon, in reading this in the beginning I began to smile. I envisioned a tall Texan pulling his six shooters and least making a “citizen’s arrest” or a confrontational standoff at “the okay corral for me” (putting them in their place). Thanks for listening to Father. I remembered the story from NY about opening a puppy’s eyes too soon. You might have blinded them from the purposes of our Father. Thanks for the heart to pray for them instead.

  3. I said to my daughter yesterday. ‘I don’t know if it’s me being mean or what comes into my mind comes from the Lord,’ but the words that popped into my mind about the mode of certain denominations are ‘organized crime.’ We then allowed that many leaders may not purposely be ripping people off but that it happens because many are determined to maintain their identity and status through a religious structure – which essentially robs people of the fullness of sonship and limits the Kingdom ( Jer 8.11). Clearly in your example it is explicit. There are some who are pure in heart however.

    • Yes, sir. It’s mostly not the people… is the system. Whether it was a worldly system of Egypt or the religious system of Pharisees, Father wants His People at liberty to enter the things prepared for them. Hopefully, the pure in heart will see Him and recognize He is drawing them to Him. Peace!

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