Trusting in His Faithfulness

Ifaithful‘m sitting here on a peaceful Sunday morning considering Father’s faithfulness.  Thanking Him for it from a great full heart.

I’m mulling over past experiences; situations that occurred in my past.  Some years ago. Others recently.

The one constant through everything has been Father’s faithfulness.  His faithfulness serves as the platform upon which His love, mercy and grace has been displayed.  His faithfulness Is the backdrop were revelation concerning Him has been brought into view.

As I’m contemplating His faithfulness, I realize a pattern of sorts throughout my experiences.  In the face off apparent situations/circumstances in my life where His faithfulness shines most brilliantly, I find that repentance on my part was Indispensable.

Though I couldn’t see at the time, I’m realizing now that there was usually something I held as permanent or necessary that I had to RELEASE before God.  Things I tolerated had become my existence.  Thoughts I permitted had become strongholds. Doctrines I accepted were literally accusations against Him.  I had turned liberty in the Spirit into habits of the flesh.

I’ve learned that my intentions did not match up with His.  My thoughts and ways had to be released so that I could receive His thoughts/ways.  My prayers for self-preservation and provision had to be altered to consist of petitions for His Purpose to be performed!

In the midst of life’s pressurized situations, His Faithfulness remained……He was consistent…….unchanging……….yet the revelation He brought regarding Himself changed me.  Praise His name!

Perhaps, my dear brother/sister, if you are currently facing pressure packed scenarios in your life, there is something you hold which needs to be released.

Because of His Faithfulness, all you must simply do is ask Father to reveal if there is something you hold in your hands that keeps you from receiving what He has prepared for you.  Then, ask Him to empower you through the Spirit to release whatever it might be!

You will find that as your faith meets His Faithfulness, He will cause you to know Him as you never have before!

Keep your peace!


What are your thoughts?

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