Here Comes the Bride!

bridal staircase

Recently, I’ve had the privilege of being involved in several cases of young couples either getting married or wanting to/talking about getting married.  Being included in such a weighty matter is not something I take lightly.  I’ve learned through my own experience the sacredness and importance of two people standing before God saying “I do” and two people becoming one flesh with God as the binding force behind the sanctified merger.

A dear, elder brother by the name of Don Atkin included a statement in a recent post:

“Both the body of Christ and also the bride of Christ—are much more than your typical metaphors. Both are intended to be lived out on terra firma in the reality of the Holy Spirit. Both provide revelations of the mysteries of God for the increase of His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.”

I appreciate that statement.

One of the main thoughts that I have held in meditation over the past couple of years is the outright dependence and total commitment that we are to have on God.  While I do not want to get into an in depth teaching on “sanctification”, I am realizing more and more that God is interested in His People being made Holy by the ONE who IS Holy.

The times in which we live dictate that the People of God learn to be completely given to and dependent on Him……ALONE!!  He is requiring the release of ideas, concepts, things held in our hands, etc. so that we might truly step into a different realm of existence in Him even while in the earth!  Eternal Life, my brothers and sisters, is not resigned for when we die.  We have stepped into it and we must learn how to walk in it……….now!

The Holy Spirit revealed to our apostolic company years ago that it is not all the trappings of a wedding that constitute a Bride.  The wedding dress is not what makes a woman a bride.  It’s not the flowers, renting a facility, assigning a wedding party or even setting a date that makes a woman a bride.

No!  What makes a woman a Bride is the internal configuration of her heart to accurately respond to the ONE who has asked for her heart / hand and forsake all others and give herself completely to Him.  As the People of God are instructed in this truth, cut the ties to the spirit of this age and begin to enter into this type of trust/committed relationship with God and one another, we will see the Bride formed and positioned to receive Him.

There have been moments; fleeting seconds, where I have seen flashing glimpses of her.  She is extraordinarily beautiful. Too beautiful for description actually,  because she reflects His glory and majesty.

May we all learn, as the People of God, to respond accurately to the Spirit’s drawing in this hour to give ourselves completely to Him!  May we get beyond the metaphor/mystery and enter the reality of the Spirit!

Keep your peace!


What are your thoughts?

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