I’m Ingrained

ingrainedI have been silent for almost a month now on this blog.  I don’t write things to just write them.  I write when I am compelled to do so.  Sometimes, I wish that i was prolific in my writing and could turn a phrase and weave together a scholarly tapestry of all I (think) I know, whenever I wanted.  Not my gifting.  I’m okay with it.

I’ve been busy lately.  There’s quite a bit going on in our personal lives, business endeavors and with local brothers/sisters here in North Texas. I’ve had to focus on stewarding that which has been entrusted.   However, I have been primarily busy with just listening to Father.  Asking Him what is on His heart; what’s running through His mind, for us personally and the Church.

I’ve continued to wrestle with Ephesians.  I started “teaching” on it a couple of months ago but stopped.  Now, I understand why.  What I’ve received up to this point is just a basis for what is coming now.  My entire understanding, perspective and expectation of “Church” is being challenged and changed!  Not according to what we “do” but rather by how we “exist” as the Church, meaning that we are to PARTAKE of His NATURE and EXPRESS it seamlessly from heaven into the earth.

Church, as defined by God and administrated by the Head, is the People of God who learn to and willingly live according to Father’s rule.  Many believers, including myself, have acknowledged that the “church system” that men have established is void of any use in Father’s real purposes and intentions.  Leaving the “system” 15 years ago, I firmly believed it then and I believe it even more so now!  But, what Father has been revealing to me is that “leaving the system” and “extracting the system out of you” are two separate issues.

Recently, a dear brother, a prophet by the name of Jay Ferris passed away.  Today I received an email from those who are continuing to distribute his writings/teachings.  I’m grateful they are doing so.  Here’s a quote from Jay given years ago.

“Getting out of Babylon, it seems, is a call to every one of us, but where are we to go if we are given no alternative? Does “the gospel” consign us to some kind of mental holding pattern until Jesus comes back? Why should people living in darkness want a piece of that action?”

We need to live in the Spirit’s alternative to Babylon; we need to live there now. My experience tells me that this is well within reach of the faith once delivered to the saints, and still available even in our own day. What we are presently calling “church” isn’t fooling anyone, except perhaps ourselves.”

This is a perfect summary of what the Spirit has been speaking to me the last several weeks.

Listen, I’ve been involved in, around and exposed to “church stuff” all of  my life.  Every trend, every next big thing, all of the ways of getting it done.  We were doing “house church” before it became a buzz word and then transitioned into “organic church”.  You name it.  Looked into it to see if it was THE THING.  I remember when we tried to get all the churches together across the country and Marching for Jesus in our cities was going to “take our cities for Jesus!”  Hosanna Integrity music sold alot of praise/worship tapes, anyway!

What I’m trying to get to is that there has to be monumental repentance on the part of God’s People.  As far as we can see, there is nothing currently existing in the earth that accurately represents Him as He intended.  We continue to have our thoughts which produce our ways, all the while, His thoughts and ways are higher than ours.  We (God’s People) are more



deeply ingrained in the worldly spirit and system than we choose to believe.  Being firmly fixed in this age’s economy and not easily changed or removed, we resist the empowerment of the Kingdom or submitting to Father’s rule.  We continue to beg, plead, preach and sing in hopes that God will do for us WHAT HE HAS ALREADY DONE but continue to refuse to learn how to enter into the Way He has already prepared for them that love Him.

I’m not discouraged.  I am not angry. I am speaking first and foremost to myself rather than anybody else.  I am sensing a surge of revelation and truth coming forth that has been needed for years AND voices that will speak it to ears and hearts ready to receive it!

Father’s Grace is being extended to those who would have eyes/ears to see/hear and desire to truly walk in His Ways.  In closing, it simply boiling down to one thing for me………….Love.  But not love as defined by this age or that we are accustomed to in our fallen humanity.  His Love, which is His Nature given to us to not only receive but to share.

One last quote from my dear brother Jay:

“The citizenship of the Kingdom of God is composed of lovers. The citizenship of earthly kingdoms, and the prostitute with whom they keep company, “Babylon the Great, mother of Harlots,” is made up of merchants of one kind or another, but all with an agenda of getting.”

Keep your peace!




4 thoughts on “I’m Ingrained

  1. Just had this very conversation with Vince Coakley today in anticipation of his broadcast! Merely extracting from broken systems makes us no more near His kingdom, than jumping off the Titanic fixed the flawed engineering design. Jumping off/out just indicates the problem. It solves nothing. “Monumental repentance” . . . yes, indeed. More monumental than we are likely comfortable to consider. I am, you are, we are . . . the problem . . . not “the other guy who is doing it all wrong.” Repentance will open the door to drastic reconfiguration that will transform us into being part of the solution.

  2. amen Bryan great message and needed 🙂

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  3. My experience is somewhat like yours. I’ve been to many seminars on church. My impressions is that many sincere Believers are wanting a new version of church to do what only Jesus can do. Our life in Jesus is the church. But our life as the church, is not by definition Jesus. The first principle is that church arises out of Jesus, not Jesus out of the church. We need to stop thinking of His Body as a construct and take the view that CHRIST OUR LIFE is us.

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