Happy Birthday, my brother!


<<<<< The picture over there is of my older brother, Beaux and my sister, Tonya. Today is Beaux’s 61st birthday and we got together this morning for a little breakfast birthday celebration at the holy temple that is Cracker Barrel.

Beaux has been through the wringer since December of 2012 as he has endured three major surgeries in that time. He has been in and out of physical rehab facilities, poked and pulled at the whole time and now he’s waiting for his home to be renovated a bit before he makes his return back to East Texas. He’s been a trooper through the entire ordeal and it has actually been a blessing to have him in the DFW area over the past year so I could see him and spend some time with him.

You see, Beaux is an extremely important person in my life. God used Beaux in a drastic way early in my life to influence me and speak to me. God dealt with me through Beaux and how I knew I was “called into the ministry”.

I won’t go into all of the details but Beaux’s life and our relationship was the place where God proved Himself and revealed Himself to me in a powerful way that has served me well on my life’s faith journey.

In 1974, when I was 8 years old, Beaux had a hunting accident in Del Rio, Texas while he was on a deer hunting trip with some friends. He was sitting on a log and as he stood up to move to a better location, a branch on the log caught his holster flipping his .357 Magnum pistol to the ground where it fired. The bullet entered his head just under his left ear lobe and exited the top right front of his head.

Ultimately, Beaux suffered a traumatic head wound and lost a substantial portion of the right side of his brain. Other injuries were declared by the doctors to be a severed optical nerve in his right eye and a completely destroyed left ear drum. Needless to say, when we were contacted as a family regarding Beaux’s incident and resulting condition, there was not a good report.

My father left immediately to be with Beaux in San Antonio where he was care flighted to the hospital. There, they operated on Beaux for several hours and gave him multiple blood transfusions. They told us later that they had never operated on anyone who was still alive who had experienced that much brain trauma. While they were fascinated with the science, they gave us no hope of Beaux living for very long. At best, they said, he would remain in a vegetative state if he survived.

Like I said, I am by-passing a multitude of details but long story short………in just over 3 months time, Beaux came out of the hospital with perfect vision and hearing and came back to live with us in East Texas.

It was awesome having one of my older brothers at home with me. Being the last of the seven children in the family, the older crew were pretty much grown and on their own by the time I could remember much. So, having Beaux around was great.

From age 8 all the way through high school, Beaux was my running buddy. He took me to youth group and conferences. We’d study the Word together. We took a through the mail Bible course together. He’d come all my athletic events and school activities. Everybody LOVED Beaux! And, no wonder, he is a great guy.

Then, in 1982, when I was a sophomore in high school, on Valentine’s Day which was a Sunday that year, Beaux suffered a major seizure. When we found him in his bedroom laying on the floor, Beaux was dead. He was blue in color, he had stopped breathing and his heart had stopped beating.

My father attempted to administer some form of CPR. Again, I will forego the details here but Beaux was brought back to life when we turned to prayer. By the time the volunteer ambulance arrived to our house and we got Beaux on the gurney, we fought off a total of 13 more seizures.

I will never forget this moment. As I sat in the car with my dad behind the ambulance before following them to the hospital, he placed his hand behind the back of my head, looked squarely at me with tears in his eyes and said, “Son, we saw a miracle today. God is good!” It is the first time I can recall sensing the love of Father extended through my father. It was a monumental experience for me.

These are just two incidents in which Beaux has positively impacted my life. Over the years, he has served as a cornerstone in our family; even more so now that both dad and mom have left this life. The life lessons learned and the changes in my heart that are because of my brother Beaux could fill many a blog post. But what I have gained from my relationship with him the most is understanding power of a child-like faith (I didn’t say childish) and an unconditional love and acceptance.

Without question, he has made my life more enriched and fuller. I reckon the least I could do was buy him some breakfast at the
First Church of Cracker Barrel!

Happy Birthday, my brother! I love you dearly!!

Keep your peace!


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