Just A Thought!

just a thought forerunnerIt should come as no surprise that the times in which we live are difficult.  Only people, believers included, that do not understand that this age is intentionally giving way to the dawning of Father’s Eternal Purposes will faint as they fearfully wait for what will happen in the world.

For this reason, there must be a people prepared who constantly adjust their spiritual focus so as to maintain a proper perspective. Frankly, too often our major concern is with situations and circumstances, with material/physical needs and external trials that threaten our preservation.  As end of the age believers, it would serve us well to re-calibrate our basis of function away from being FEAR and fine-tune it to FAITH and what that actually means.

The “just live by faith” and “walk by faith” sentiments in scripture must become more than just tidy little sermon concepts used to ease troubled minds in hard times.  The Truth and Power behind such encouraged beliefs must become incarnate in the lives of Father’s family and severe the ties of their hearts to the spirit of this age and the spirit of fear that works alongside it in order to bring torment!

The Author and Finisher of our FAITH only considered Father’s Will and Purpose as the motive of His function and operation. He was perfected in Father’s LOVE and there was NO FEAR found in Him, even when it required that He ENDURE the breaking of His humanity in order to accomplish Father’s Will.  Believers that truly bear His Name will draw upon the authority of it, not expecting to just live forever over in glory land one day but will be empowered to endure and thrive in accomplishing Father’s Purposes in the “nasty here and now!”

Keep your peace!


What are your thoughts?

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