Recently, I received a personal comment regarding this post from April 2013. As I revisited the post, I felt it worthy of a re-posting. Peace!

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Forerunner Perspective

connectI sat across the table from a well-seasoned man of God.  His hoary head revealing that wisdom had been accrued through years of experience and his bright eyes glistening with the fact that he had seen some things. He had served God longer than I had been alive.

The dinner was arranged by a third brother who was a mutual acquaintance and thought it would be good if the elder brother and I connected.  Listen, I am always open to sit at the feet of an elder, wiser man who has walked with God.  Most younger brothers don’t understand the benefit and blessing that such an opportunity affords them.  I was raised that way.  There is NO doubt that, in my lifetime,  I have spent more time sitting in a room with older brothers and sisters just listening to them expound the Ways of God and His glory than doing…

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