The Revival You are Praying For is Here – Your King Comes on a Donkey

Please take the time to read the newest blog by our brother, Dr. Stephen Crosby! Peace!

SI ExifAs I engage in different conversations with brothers and sisters around the world, and as I experience wonderful things I have never experienced before, things I never thought I would live long enough to see, there is a recognizable “theme” emerging in little pockets here and there . . . kingdom testimonies of a different order and quality than anything I have ever known.

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4 thoughts on “The Revival You are Praying For is Here – Your King Comes on a Donkey

  1. A big amen from this believer! See also a book written by Arthur Burt titled “How to be ordinary.”

    The kingdom of heaven has only one king. Remove your crown and enter the kingdom. To God alone be the glory.

    • Richard, thanks for comments! Uncle Arthur is a blessing! Hoping to get to see him sometime this year should his health permit him to be able to make it to the U.S.

  2. Brywieb,

    Jesus is the greatest NAME DROP of all. The purpose of your post was to convey COMMON brethren are being used by Father, in humble places. My desire is not to be name dropping, ….to be lifting Mr. Burt up above Mr. Crosby. Rather, in support of this post, I just wished to share a more exhaustive resource on the subject, if another was inclined to “hunger and thirst.”

    In Acts 26:26B Paul declares that “this thing(Jesus movement) was not done in a corner.” It was open for all to bear witness….all just did not have the ‘radio frequency’ dialed in to receive. Simply, Mr. Burt’s book is a confirming witness to Mr. Crosby’s testimony.

    Thank you also for sharing your 5 fold gifting Brywieb, no small miracle to me how Father has stepped into your person to provide anointed teaching and keys to find peace with Father God in my life. Thank God for the body of believers willing to stay ‘ordinary’….so the extraordinary strength of God can be revealed through their weakness. “Silver and Gold have I none….but such as I have….”…..This is kingdom principle.

    Arthur, in his book ” How To Be Ordinary”….shares this can also be said ORDERNARY ….God’s order is essential. He alone reigns as king. Brothers and sisters….let him shine though you….God has plans only you can fulfill, you are the Apple of Fathers eye….see what he see’s in you. What you see as common in yourself, is the very key that allows Father to receive the glory.

    • Absolutely, my brother! It is amazing to me to see how Father is connecting and causing brothers with the same Spirit and mind to cross paths! To hear brothers speak the same thing from different parts of the world it completely encouraging and imparts hope! I appreciate your heart and spirit! Peace!

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